Month: November 2016

Best Drum Rugs

5 Best Drum Rugs – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

If you've been struggling to keep your bass drum from moving, remember where your drum hardware sits when setting up, improve the cleanliness of your kit, it's possible that you have a poor quality drum rug. In other words, the...

/ November 27, 2016

StickTwirl Review – Impress Audiences Without Dropping Your Sticks

StickTwirl is an interesting new product designed for seasoned professionals and new drummers. Two plastic pieces attach to your drumsticks allowing you to twirl them to your heart's content without fear of dropping them. It also will add more snap...

/ November 27, 2016
Apex 180 Microphone

Apex 180 Condenser Microphone Review – Good For Overheads?

Do not buy this microphone. Or a pair of them. These things areĀ garbage. I cannot believe I was ripped off with these. They are extremely brittle and sound awful as drum overheads or as a hi hat microphone. I do...

/ November 26, 2016
Best Drumstick Holder

DW Design Review – An Affordable Kit With Drum Workshop Quality

The DW Design kit is an affordable alternative to some of Drum Workshop's more expensive catalog. They are able to achieve this by building the kit in Taiwan. It does include chrome hardware and the STM tom mounts that DW...

/ November 26, 2016
Roland TD50 Review

Roland V-Drums TD-50 Drum Sound Module Preview

Wow, this new TD-50 Drum Sound Module from Roland looks incredible... The TD-50 is an electronic drum sound module. AKA an electronic drum set brain. You will need V-Drum pads in order to use this module. It includes tons of...

/ November 25, 2016