Month: January 2018

Drummer Practice Pad

Best Drum Practice Pad – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

If you're a drummer and you don't use a practice pad, you're missing out big time. Having an easy way to practice is absolutely essential if you want to take your drumming to the next level. That being said, a...

/ January 21, 2018
Drum Machine For Beginners

Best Drum Machine For Beginners and Pros – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Whether you're an experienced producer or just a beginner, a drum machine is one of the greatest tools to have in your writer's toolbox. We tested out seven popular products and picked out the best machine for beginners. Read more...

/ January 21, 2018
Xylophone For Babies

Best Xylophone For Babies – Parent’s Buyer’s Guide

Your baby needs a toy that will draw his or her attention. Babies and toddlers are visually stimulated, so this new toy needs to have the looks. Your baby would rather crawl to something colorful and shiny than to something...

/ January 20, 2018
Best Drum Throne

Best Drum Throne – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

As drummers, we tend to play better when we feel better. Our level of comfort and strain has a direct correlation with the quality of our performances. Playing with discomfort will always lead to a worse performance than had the...

/ January 19, 2018
Best Drum Cases

Best Drum Cases – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If you're a touring or gigging drummer and you aren't protecting your kit, you have a serious issue. Your drum set is the tool that allows your career to thrive. It's also a major investment. Drum cases vary from affordable...

/ January 8, 2018