Month: February 2018

Drum Shield

Best Drum Shield For Worship – Church Drum Enclosure Solutions

When dealing with a live band, stage volume is always an issue for the front of house engineer. The sound from a drum set often will bleed into the various other microphones on stage, causing feedback, poor monitor mixes, and...

/ February 22, 2018
Make Money As A Musician

13 Ways to Make Money as a Musician

So you're an artist or are in a band. Things are going well. Your fan base is growing and you're playing more and more shows every month. But there's one big problem: you're not making any money. How can you take the...

/ February 22, 2018
Touring Life

A Musician’s Touring Life – What To Expect When Touring for the First Time

The touring life of a musician is often glorified in TV shows, movies, and popular culture. Not only are these sources of entertainment representing a small percentage of real musicians, it's both very difficult to achieve and not an easy...

/ February 16, 2018