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Tablet Holder For Mic Stand

Best Tablet Holder For Mic Stand – Universal Tablet Stands For Musicians

Using tablets on stage is becoming more and more popular asĀ  technology continues to improve. Applications that can be used as wireless MIDI controllers are being used by many big name bands. If your band uses a digital mixing board,...

/ April 14, 2018
Best Musician Backpack

Best Musician Backpack – Keep Your Gear Safe With Our Top Picks

Traveling is by far the number one thing all musicians have in common. No matter what style, genre, or skill level, we all must travel from gig to gig. Keeping your gear safe should be a number one priority. Not...

/ April 10, 2018
Drum Shield

Best Drum Shield For Worship – Church Drum Enclosure Solutions

When dealing with a live band, stage volume is always an issue for the front of house engineer. The sound from a drum set often will bleed into the various other microphones on stage, causing feedback, poor monitor mixes, and...

/ February 22, 2018
Drummer Practice Pad

Best Drum Practice Pad – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

If you're a drummer and you don't use a practice pad, you're missing out big time. Having a practice pad is absolutely essential if you want to take your drumming to the next level. That being said, a drum practice...

/ January 21, 2018
Best Drum Throne

Best Drum Throne – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

As drummers, we tend to play better when we feel better. Our level of comfort and strain has a direct correlation with the quality of our performances. Playing with discomfort will always lead to a worse performance than had the...

/ January 19, 2018