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The 8 Best Bass Drum Pedals of 2024

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The bass drum pedal is an essential piece of hardware, and we are here to help you find a great and affordable one for your drum kit! If you are a beginner, it is easy to overlook a simple tool compared to the other parts. But it is essential to have a durable and potentially fast pedal!

Bass Drum Pedal Basics

Before you buy, it’s wise to do a little research. That way, you can make an informed decision. Below are the necessary parts of the single bass drum pedal.

Bass Drum Pedal Diagram
3D Model Courtesy of Jorge Q of 3D Warehouse


The base of the pedal needs to be put on a drum rug to keep it from slipping. Often this base is made of rubber or Velcro for a better grip. Some plates have a pedal spur at the back to further keep them from moving.

Hoop Clamp

This piece is where the pedal attaches to the hoop of the bass drum. The bass drum has to be lifted so the clamp will stay connected. Be sure the pedal isn’t digging into the drum hoop.


The part where you place your foot can either be long or short, depending on the size you require and the style of music you wish to play. It is a matter of personal preference.


The drive attaches the footboard and the cam in a couple of different ways. We can have a chain or nylon strap drive, the strap providing a smoother feel than a chain. Often there are double chain drives that are more durable. In some cases, there is a direct-drive where the footboard and beater are attached without a cam.


The chain and strap drives are then connected to a cam. The cam is the part that allows the beater to move forward as you step on the pedal. Direct-drive pedals cut the cam out in some cases for increased speed. 


The bass drum beater has the most effect on the tone. The other parts are about speed, feel, and durability. Plastic and felt are the most common materials that beaters are made with, though you can find wood and metal. 

Plastic has a harder attack and is commonly used with metal and rock. In contrast, the softer felt is suited for jazz. (Of course, your ears may feel differently!)

There are two beaters side-by-side on the double bass drum pedal, where another pedal controls the second. This second pedal is attached with a driveshaft, allowing you to play incredible fast runs on the bass drum. 

Dialing in Your Bass Pedal

Like all instruments and equipment, your pedal needs specific adjustments to make sure it plays its best. Like drum tuning, you need to learn the basic process of dialing in your pedal. The height, tension, and angle will need to be customized. Of course, with a double bass pedal, there will be more adjustments necessary.

The Best 8 Bass Drum Pedals

Below are some of the best bass drum pedals to purchase in 2020. Remember that there are many variations of the same pedal, depending on the speed or size needed. If one below doesn’t fit your exact specs, don’t fret, as you can easily find what you want.

Best Pick
DW 3000 Series Single Bass Drum Pedal

The DW3000 is a great pedal for intermediate drummers. It's much more durable than any of the other budget options on the list.

View Price at Sweetwater View Price at Guitar Center
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This single drum pedal is probably your best option for budget and playability. It has a dual-chain Turbo Sprocket, Bearing Spring rocker Assembly, and an adjustable toe clamp to keep it in place. The large plate helps for stability, and the beater is a mix of felt and plastic.

My second double bass drum pedal was the DW3000. It lasted quite a while, going with me venue to venue on multiple tours across the United States.


  • DW makes great pedals, and this entry-level one is perfect
  • The pedal has fast response and recovery
  • Another pedal with many great reviews, people love the DW 3000


  • Not as great as the DW 9000 below, that pedal blows this one away
  • Dual chains may be too heavy duty for your playing
  • There are better choices for some metal players
Best For Low Budgets
Yamaha FP 7210A Single Bass Drum Pedal

The Yamaha FP 7210A is an incredibly affordable kick drum pedal. Despite being affordable and targeted at beginners, jazz players will feel right at home with this pedal.

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This Yamaha single bass drum pedal is the most affordable on the list. It has a single chain drive with a horizontal frame brace and beater angle adjustment. The beater is felt, which makes it great for jazz, and otherwise, it has no significant bells or whistles. Perfect for those on a meager budget.


  • Very responsive and natural feeling pedal for such a low price
  • It has many great reviews—people seem to like this pedal
  • Many users claim it is highly durable over the years


  • If you have a higher budget, get a better pedal
  • The footboard may be too small for some players
  • The felt beater may not be the sound you are looking for
Best All-Around Single Pedal
DW 9000 Series Single Bass Drum Pedal

It's no mystery why pros like Daru Jones, Gerald Heyward, Neil Peart (rest in peace), use DW9000 series hardware. There is no better all-around kick pedal available on the market.

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This superb single bass drum pedal is a favorite among many players. It is made from aircraft-grade aluminum with a chain or nylon drive. The EZ Infinite adjustable cam, a double chain, and floating swivel spring make for a comfortable and durable pedal. The beater is a mix of plastic and felt.

Watch my review of the DW 9000 kick pedal

I currently use the both the single and double-kick variant of the DW9000 and have to say it’s the best double kick pedal I’ve ever owned.


  • Also comes in a double pedal if you have the money
  • Smooth, responsive, and long-lasting pedal suited to many styles
  • Many reviewers claim this pedal can take a beating


  • The price is relatively high for first-time players
  • The double chain and durability make it heavier 
  • You may be looking for a larger footboard
Great Intermediate Kick Pedal
Pearl Eliminator Redline Chain Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal

The Pearl Eliminator is a popular choice among many drummers, sporting four interchangeable cams, NiNja Axle Bearings, and QuadBeater.

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Here we have a Pearl single bass drum pedal with dual chain drive. They took their famous Eliminator pedal and added four redesigned color-coded cams. With ultra-low friction bearings and an updated Quad Beater, this pedal is made for precision, speed, and power. 


  • Pearl makes excellent products with many fantastic reviews
  • If you are picky about dialing in your bass pedal, this is the one
  • Silent sprocket less dual chain drive 


  • Make sure you know what to do with all these extra cams to adjust
  • Decent bass drum pedals are not cheap
  • If this is too much, maybe try the plain Pearl Eliminator
Best Budget Double Bass Drum Pedal
PDP Concept Chain Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal

For beginning metal drummers, look no further than the PDP Concept Direct Drive.

View Price at Sweetwater View Price at Guitar Center
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Here we have an affordable double bass drum pedal. It is made with brushed aluminum, a dual chain drive, and a DW style spring. This pedal is essentially a cheaper knockoff for those with lower budgets. If you need a double pedal, this one may be worth a try.


  • Fluid and easy to play despite the lower budget
  • Looks pricier than it is
  • An affordable way to start playing a double bass drum pedal


  • Over time the durability may not be all that great
  • Some reviewers claim subpar parts
  • You should have a higher budget for a double pedal
Best For Advanced Players, Yamaha Fans
Yamaha FP-9D FP9 Direct Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal

For beginning metal drummers, look no further than the PDP Concept Direct Drive.

View Price at Sweetwater View Price at Guitar Center
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This sleek single bass drum pedal is relatively expensive but worth every penny. The direct-drive kick pedal has a spring tensioner for maximum stability. A felt beater has aluminum and brass weights allowing for changing tone and response. The FP-9D has more of a sporty look compared to others.


  • For the player that wants a variety of adjustments
  • Very durable and long-lasting according to most players
  • Longboard great for the larger players


  • Perhaps too high of a budget for beginning players
  • Make sure you understand all the adjustments you can make
  • May be overkill for the genre of music you will be playing

If you are looking for a pedal for your electronic drum kit, then the Roland RDH-100 is perfect. This single electronic kick pedal has a dual-chain drive and linear action cam for speed. The footboard is made of brushed metal, and the beater is self-aligning and made of plastic.


  • Of course, most suited for the Roland V-Drums, though not limited exclusively
  • Dome-shaped rubber dampers to decrease noise and vibration
  • Mostly same features as acoustic pedals


  • A little on the expensive side
  • Designed for noise reduction, which may not be a problem for you
  • The footboard may be too smooth for some players
Best For Metal Drummers
Trick Drums P1VBF2 Pro 1-V Bigfoot Double Bass Drum Pedal

Metal drummers will feel right at home with the Trick Pro 1V Bigfoot. While on the costly side, you'll have a set of pedals that will last a lifetime.

View Price at Sweetwater View Price at Guitar Center
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

YouTube drummer Wyatt Stav uses this particular double bass drum pedal. So if you have a high budget and want to play metal incredibly fast, try the Bigfoot! This pedal is super durable and precise with state of the art aerospace bearings, split cam, and a slide track hoop. It also has a universal beater mount.


  • A unique and modern pedal with all the bells and whistles
  • Perfect for playing the fastest metal out there
  • Loved by all reviewers


  • Way out of budget for many players
  • It may be overkill with all the adjustments
  • Not exactly suitable for those of other music genres

There you have eight of our favorite bass drum pedals on the market. Of course, depending on your budget and needs, some will be more suited to you. If you are new to the drums, make sure to find a local place to see which drives and boards you like best. Remember, if you look, you will have no problem finding a pedal that fits all your specifications!


Contributions from Drumming Review Staff are from drummers and percussionists with a variety of different backgrounds, both professional and amateur. Interested in making a contribution? Click on 'Contact Us' at the bottom right of the page.

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  1. Liked your review. I have a DW 2000 double pedal that came with my set (though I only use it as a single), and it seems like a reliable pedal. I’m looking at replacing it with a better pedal. I was wondering what your take is on the Ludwig Speed King? I’m just getting back into drumming after a 35+ year absence. When I played and taught before, I always used the Speed King. It was the only pedal that allowed me to do continuous sixteenths (I used to do “Wipeout” with my foot). Of course, being in my 60’s and not playing for 35+ years, I’m nowhere near as “fleet of foot.”

    Thank you so much in advance for your response.

    Bill Matthews

  2. Although there are a lot of pedals out there to suit all tastes and stiles, personally I think there’s nothing to beat the Ludwig Speed King. I have used it all my career and still do, it is uncomplicated & well made with a very good response for all types of playing. Springs that compress on both sides I feel is much smoother, also the price is more than reasonable for most people.

  3. I agree with previous posts. What about the Ludwig Speed King? I figured that I HAD to try other other pedals because…well, I have playing for 40 years and was lead to believe somebody made a new pedal better, faster, stronger. Guess what happened? I find myself always coming back to the Speed King! Maybe because it is what I know. But what you have that, “…this doesn’t feel right” thought process going on in your head as you play, the Speed King has NEVER let me down.

  4. I agree that the best bass drum, pedal that I have ever had the opportunity to play are without a doubt, hands down DW 9000. The worse bass drum pedal I have ever spent money on in my life are the p360 made by pearl they are by far the worse bass pedal in the world. They have no punch and I wouldn’t give a flying fuck if you were Neal Pert, may he rest in peace…there is no way to really dial those pedals in. I hate these pedals with a passion and I wish that I could get my money back. I am so mad at myself for being taking in by there look. They suck dick. Don’t spend your money on these pedals I have aforementioned.


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