The 8 Best Conga Sets of 2024

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Many drummers and percussionists seek out the conga because of its roots and continued use in Afro-Cuban music. It is the instrument most people think of when that genre comes to mind and an essential addition for any musician who wants to study Latin percussion. And they are also just simply fun to play!

Congas aren’t cheap. Even the budget models are going to be a few hundred at a minimum. Like all instruments, going too low will cost you in build and, most of all, sound quality. This article will show the eight best congas to buy this year, depending on your needs and budget.

Conga Basics

Like many Afro-Cuban instruments, their origins have multiple inspirations and locations due to the lack of history. But they were officially born as the conga in Cuba and exploded onto the jazz scene in the ’30s and ’40s with the mambo craze. Later the upbeat but still smooth genres of exotica, space-age pop, and lounge made heavy use of the conga drums.


Congas are staved, which means using narrow pieces of wood or fiberglass to build round objects. The most common example is a barrel, and here a small one with a drumhead uses screw tension with lugs to adjust the tuning. Three different sizes classify them from low to highest notes.

Of course, the material used needs to be quality to ensure good sound and hardware that works. It’s a simple instrument, but doing it right takes experienced builders. Unless you have a huge budget, you will see most student congas made from the same materials.

And while they do not need to be tuned, they can often be adjusted to specific notes. Often with just two, their pitches are a perfect fourth apart. This is a common and essential interval in harmonics. While you won’t likely be diving into tuning variations as a first time player, knowing the notes your drums create will always be helpful.

Essential Rhythms

There are five basic strokes to learn with the conga, with names like open, muted, bass, slap, and touch. Depending on how you hit the head, different strikes with the palm or fingers will lead to those sounds. And as a beginner, there are a few essential rhythms you will want to learn.

The main conga patterns are the tumbao, bolero, songo, and guaguancó for when the player has three congas! You will want to watch videos on playing methods for popular styles like salsa, merengue, and the rumba. Luckily there is no shortage of great examples online.

From the moment you get your congas, make sure to practice these primary rhythms. Get the feel and proper technique down from day one to stick those vibes in your head, especially if you are more used to 4/4 time and need to find that 6/8 movement. Like all musical genres, you need to start by building a good foundation.

Congas and Bongos Differences

It isn’t uncommon for beginners to switch these up. Bongos are very small compared to congas, which gives them a higher pitch and less volume. Congas are predominantly played with the palm and hand while the bongos are generally more finger movement. The conga is often the essential part of the rhythm, while bongos can stand out more for improvisation.  

The 8 Best Congas 

Below are some of the current best congas to buy in 2022. Given the current situation, more people are learning to play music so that availability may change. But as long as you take this basic knowledge and avoid being cheap, you should have no trouble choosing an excellent conga drum.

1) Cosmic Percussion Conga Set

Free Bongos Included
Cosmic Percussion Conga Set with Free Bongos - 9" and 10"

Conga and Bongo Bundle with 9" and 10" Siam Oak Congas, 6" and 6 3/4" Bongos, Rawhide Heads, and Conga Stand - Cherry Burst.

View Price at Sweetwater
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This Cosmic Percussion set is 26″ inches tall and made of siam oak. The 9″ and 10″ rawhide heads give it a lovely ringing tone. Some of the black-coated hardware gives it a pretty cool look, and it comes with an adjustable double conga stand. The matching set of free bongos have the same color and design as the congas.


  • About the lowest you can go in price and still expect a playable instrument
  • There are other Cosmic models available 
  • Free Bongos!


  • Cheaper models have more flaws; they need to be carefully inspected.
  • The design may be a bit too much for some
  • It’s not easy to find many reviews

2) Latin Percussion City Series

Latin Percussion LP City Wood Congas 10" & 11" Set - Vintage Sunburst

10" and 11" Siam Oak Congas with Double Stand and Rawhide Heads - Vintage Sunburst

View Price at Sweetwater View Price at Amazon
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You will see many examples from the famous company Latin Percussion because they usually make great student instruments. They also use siam oak but 28″ high and with larger 10″ and 11″ rawhide heads. It also has black coated hardware and vintage sunburst design. And it comes with a tuning wrench and a free stand.


  • Decent model for beginners and intermediate players
  • The siam oak is kiln wood dried to protect against the environment
  • Still a very affordable price


  • Don’t except the most astounding volume on a cheaper model
  • Vintage sunburst may not be your style
  • You may prefer separate stands rather than connected like they are here

3) Toca Synergy

Toca Percussion is another leading company on the market for drums and accessories. They make great student and more advanced models. This model is made of maple shells and is 28″ long with 10″ and 11″ natural rawhide heads. The hardware is black powder-coated and an amber finish. The free bongo set is made with the same building materials.


  • Free set of bongos included
  • It comes with a sturdy double stand 
  • You have a choice between a few different colors


  • It is made of maple and may not sound as good as oak
  • They do have a bit of a lower price look, especially specific colors
  • If you need more projection, get a better wood

4) Latin Percussion Aspire

Latin Percussion Aspire Wood Conga Set

Conga Set with Siam Oak Construction, 10" and 11" Drums, Adjustable Stand, EZ Curve Rims, and Natural Rawhide Heads.

View Price at Sweetwater View Price at Guitar Center
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A slightly pricier LP model is also 28″ with the same 10″ and 11″ head this time in natural rawhide. It is also made with siam oak, which is said to be better for the environment. There is a chrome-plated adjustable conga stand, and it has a natural wood finish. It has added durability thanks to the EZ Curve Rim and a larger side plate to distribute tension.


  • A great model for a serious student
  • They look and sound far better than the $300 and below models
  • LP is a trendy brand; you will likely be satisfied


  • When you have a higher budget, you may like better or unique designs
  • It can be used for performance, but a better conga should be chosen

If you have a lower budget, a lower-priced LP model will still work for practice.

5) Meinl Percussion Headliner Series

Meinl Percussion Headliner Series Conga Set - 10" & 11"

10" and 11" Wood Conga Set with Double-braced Stand.

View Price at Sweetwater View Price at Amazon
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Meinl is another great name in the game, especially for student type models. They make such a huge variety of percussion instruments that it’s hard not to own one eventually! Again these congas are 28″ tall with 10″ and 11″ heads, but these are made from buffalo skin. With the included tuning key, the lugs are easy to service and maintain proper tuning. It has a natural finish and a double-braced stand. 


  • Moderate budget range and still not too high in price
  • An environmentally friendly company using sustainable rubberwood
  • Easy tuning and servicing


  • Even decent student instruments are quite costly
  • The natural finish isn’t as exotic looking as some may like
  • You may want to check first and make sure you like the tone of rubberwood

6) Latin Percussion Matador

Includes Bongos
Latin Percussion Matador Wood Conga Set with Bongos

Matching Hand Drum Bundle with 11" Quinto, 11.75" Conga, and Bongo Set.

View Price at Sweetwater
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Here we have a slightly different size than usual, with 11″ and 11.75″ natural rawhide heads. With a three-ply siam oak shell, it is somewhat thicker than previous models.

It has a patented Soft Strike rim with long-term tuning stability. This is getting into the realm of professional instruments and high budgets. You may first want to play this model in person at a local music store.


  • Thicker wood will equal a much better and projecting sound
  • It has a stunning black nebula finish
  • Free bongos that are as nice as the congas


  • At this price range, you may want to get something custom from a smaller builder
  • You will want to search for some more reviews and videos before buying
  • If you are a new student, this is probably overkill for your needs

7) Gon Bops Mariana Series

There are a limited number of companies that make decent congas, so if you want something different, try Gon Bops. They started building congas and bongos back in the ’50s. This particular series has an 11.75″ head. The shell is made from durian wood (durian is that famous stinky fruit that many people cannot tolerate). The head is calfskin, and the hardware is chrome.


  • A beautiful instrument that looks professional
  • A company in business this long and a great reputation
  • They have a variety of sizes and models if you like their instruments


  • The price is for one conga; these are not cheap
  • Not for the buyer looking for a flashy design
  • A bit of a wait as premium products are on backorder

8) LP Perazzo Signature Conga Bundle

This instrument demands immediate attention with its day of the Dead type skull design. The barrels are made with Kevlar-reinforced fiberglass shells and rawhide drum heads that are handpicked. It also has the LP Comfort Curve Rim II and rubber conga feet for holding the drums. This is Karl Perrazo’s signature model, an excellent percussionist that has played with many great musicians, including Santana.


  • A free set of high-quality bongos
  • Top of the line construction means incredible sound
  • Modeled with the help of a renowned musician


  • If you don’t like the very prominent design
  • This kind of budget is way out of reach for students
  • For this kind of price, it needs to be insured after the warranty


Depending on your budget and taste, different congas above may be the best suited for you. But if we were to pick the best one on the list, it would be the Latin Percussion Aspire. A reputable company makes it, and many players have positive reviews of that particular line. Plus, it is right in the perfect price range for a proper sounding instrument that will hold its tune so that you can focus on learning.

Once you get your congas, make sure to thoroughly inspect them, and don’t attempt to settle for any significant issues. Again, immediately learn the famous and original patterns for playing. Most of all, find other drummers and musicians to jam on your new musical journey with the congas!


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  1. Very good analysis of the many kinds of congas available as well as a great short narrative of essential conga rhythms to learn and master for beginners and advanced players alike. I must add that there are a number of skilled craftsmen who design develop and manufacture their own often to the specific needs and/ or wants of the buyer. Thank you so much for this brief but important narrative for my all time fav.

  2. I’ve been playing percussion for a number of years now. I hit the ground running with my first drum 🥁being a Fat Congas of Santa Barbara conga drum made of American oak. My current instrument is a Fat Conga made of maple. Maple is an excellent hardwood. Don’t leave out Pearl Drums. They make great professional quality congas as well.

  3. Lp galaxy. Lp patato models i always by the best the 1st time that way i dont have to buy anymore.

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