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Traditional cymbal toppers can be a pain. Have you ever gone to switch out a cymbal and manage to drop one of your wing nuts on to the ground?

It used to happen to me all the time: at shows, in my practice space, etc. Since discovering these, this problem almost never occurs.

Trick Drums Cymbal Quick Release

I picked these up a few tours ago at a Guitar Center near where I live. I noticed them on the back shelf and saw they were discounted.

Probably the best find I’ve had at a GC.

These things are life savers on tour. They attach to your existing drum hardware by removing your current plastic cymbal holder. Remove the topper by lifting up on the top of the unit.

Trick Drums Cymbal Quick Release cymbal toppers make adding and removing cymbals extremely easy. I can put my cymbals on in a matter of seconds.

They’re very useful for house kits that require cymbal changes during a show. If you’re sharing your kit with another band on tour, it’s a good idea to get these as well.

They look pretty rad on the cymbal stands, as well. I’m shocked these aren’t more popular.

After months of use, just as with regular cymbal holders, the sharp edges of the cymbal hole will eat away at the plastic, effectively rendering them useless. While not a lifetime solution, they’re still a good one.

Trick Drums Quick Release Cymbal Toppers
Perfect for touring bands who tend to share kits at shows. Easily remove your cymbals when time is a premium. The design holds up through the toughest touring environments.
Ease Of Use
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Very Easy To Install
Great Looking Design
Affordable Price
To some, it may seem like this topper isn't holding your cymbal, but it in fact is. Be sure to grab the topper by the base of the product to ensure its grip.


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