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The 7 Best Drum Overhead Mic Stands Reviewed

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A drum overhead mic stand is generally used in recording studios, practice spaces, and on stage.

These types of stands can get the microphones up very high and provide very stable support for heavier large condenser microphones.

Finding the best drum overhead mic stand can be difficult, as local music shops normally don’t carry these types of stands; you usually will need to order them online.

In this article, we will detail the best drum overhead mic stands you can buy.

The Best Drum Overhead Microphone Stands

The products listed in the table below are of a varying price range — both affordable and expensive. Keep reading to get a more in-depth review of each drum overhead mic stand.

1) On-Stage SB96+

Cheapest Drum Overhead Microphone Stand
On-Stage SB96+ Studio Microphone Boom

Very affordable and has casters for rolling around the studio.

View Price at Sweetwater View Price at Amazon
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Generally, any product that you purchase from On Stage will most likely be extremely cheap and poorly made.

The On Stage SB96+ is one of the most affordable overhead microphone stands on the market.

I was pleasantly surprised at the build quality when reviewing this stand. If your budget is small, this stand will get the trick done.

Product Overview

The SB96+ drum overhead mic stand has a removable 7 inch arm extension, a 40-tooth boom clutch, an extra long telescoping boom arm, a solid steel counterweight, reaches a height of 76 inches, as well as locking casters.

This drum overhead mic stand is perfect for anyone starting a home project studio or drummers who need overhead microphone stands for the stage.

The products On Stage designs are founded on a promise of affordability, durability, and innovation. I’m glad they have changed my opinion on their products.

Hands on with the SB96+

The stand has a black powder-coated finish, which is a nice touch. The adjustment knobs are made from cheap plastic and feel as if they would break easily if you traveled with these stands.

I once had an earlier model of this stand that I toured with and the plastic knobs broke right off inside my hardware case. The casters are made from very cheap plastic and the locks do very little to keep the stand in place.

Even though they don’t work great, there’s a slim chance that your microphones will be flying all over the place under your studio floor isn’t level.

Most drum overhead mic stands offer an adjustable counterweight on the boom arm. The On Stage SB96+ only offers a weight on the end of the boom that is not adjustable, so you may want to pick up some sandbags to weight it down just to be safe.

The On Stage SB96+ is a surprisingly well-made drum overhead mic stand for the price. You’re not going to get the highest-quality casters or the best adjustment knobs, but for a pretty low price, you can have a stereo set of overhead microphone stands for your home or project studio.

It’s definitely a great value.

2) On Stage SMS7650

A Heavier-Duty Version of the SB96+
On Stage SMS7650 Hex-Base Studio Boom Microphone Stand

Hex-base Boom Stand with Two Straight Boom Shafts, 17-lb. Patented Base Design, and Casters

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The On Stage SMS7650 is a more serious version of the SB96+. While the product is affordable, it features a lot of things that may be useful in your home studio.

Product Overview

Moving on, we have the On Stage SMS7650. This is basically the exact same stand we just talked about with a 17lb base.

For a little more, you can eliminate the sandbags. Instead of a height of 76 inches, you get a whopping 82″ boom with a steel counterweight.

Again, this counterweight is fixed and cannot be adjusted. The only other difference is that this drum overhead mic stand is not power coated.

The best part about this stand is the heavy 17lb base. You’ll be able to use heavy large condenser microphones for your drum overheads with ease.

The casters are removable if you just want to keep it in once place, but I find having the casters on is very useful for keeping the studio clean when not in use.

Hands on with the On Stage SMS7650

Just like with the last stand, this drum overhead mic stand is perfect for any home studio on a budget. The weighted base really helps with extending the boom arm further and the added height is a bonus.

I really wish this mic stand had an adjustable counterweight. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but once you use one, you’ll understand why they are so useful.

Keeping your microphone balanced helps your stands last longer, as the adjustment knobs don’t need to be tightened and strained all the time.

If it was me and it was between the two On Stage stands, I would definitely pick the SMS7650.

Having the 17lb weight will really come in handy, as I like to use heavier microphones for overheads.

One thing I failed to mention, as well, was the use of a stereo bar. If you have a stereo pair of overhead microphones, similar to the KSM 137s, you could always just buy one drum overhead mic stand and use the XY pattern with a stereo bar.

Some microphone pairs come with a stereo bar included.

3) Ultimate Support MC-125

Ultimate Support MC-125 Professional Studio Boom Mic Stand

Studio Series Professional Microphone Boom Stand with Adjustable Counter Weight, Quarter-turn Clutch and Rollerblade-style Caster Wheels

View Price at Sweetwater View Price at Amazon
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The Ultimate Support drum overhead mic stand is the first one on our list that feels a bit more quality. The only things I found quirky with it are the adjustment knobs, which I will detail more about below.

Product Overview

Featuring rollerblade-style caster wheels and super smooth movement, you’ll be able to roll this stand around your studio with ease.

The MC-125 also features locking casters that really don’t move.

This stand is also the first on our list to feature an adjustable counterweight. This comes in handy when using heavier microphones, like the U87.

The counterweight is made from die-cast and weighs 5.75 pounds. The stand height with casters ranges between 51.5″ – 82.75″.

Hands on with the Ultimate Support MC-125

First off, the casters on this drum overhead mic stand are amazing. When I locked this stand in place, it actually didn’t move when I attempted to roll it around.

Some of the earlier stands on our list feature plastic wheels that slide easily.

Another excellent feature of this stand is the 35pound cast base. Holding your large condenser microphone will be no problem.

The adjustable counterweight is super easy to use and is very effective when holding a heavy microphone. This is the best drum overhead mic stand for the money thus far.

Let’s talk about the bad now. The MC-125, like all other Ultimate Support stands, features poorly designed boom adjustment knob.

Not only is this knob annoying in use, but it also wears out easily and doesn’t tighten the way you want it. I find myself having to overcompensate on the angle to get it where I want it.

4) Triad-Orbit T3C

Triad prides themselves as being the best advanced stand system on the market. The Triad-Orbit stand is definitely the outlier on our list, but it’s definitely worth mentioning.

The industrialgrade locking casters make this stand one of the best drum overhead mic stands.

Mechanically, this stand just feels great. You can really tell that it is a quality stand, made from the highest level materials.

Product Overview

The Triad-Orbit system is modular. When you purchase a T3C stand, you’ll need to purchase a boom arm if you so desire.

This piece is essentially, just the base. While this isn’t exactly the best feature, remember that this is a very specialized drum overhead mic stand and is made extremely well.

This mic stand also has a unique feature called articulating legs. You are able to individually adjust leg angles for flexible positioning.

This is perfect for drum sets, where space is a premium.

Hands on with the Triad Orbit T3C

Triad stands utilize pro-grade clutches instead of cheap plastic knobs and thumbscrews. These stands feel really good to handle and definitely will last a lifetime.

If you have ever used a camera tripod before, you’ll understand how this stand works.

I really enjoyed the change from plastic knobs. The drum overhead mic stand also extends to a very high height of 71.5″, without a boom arm.

5) Atlas Sound SB36W

Atlas Sound Studio Boom Microphone Stand with Wheels

Boom Microphone Stand with 62" Boom and 73" Height and Wheels.

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Now we’re getting to the big dogs. This is the type of stand you will definitely see in a major recording studio. It’s the top of the line boom-stand!

This drum overhead mic stand has 62” mic boom and goes from 49″ to 73″ in height. Grab two of these on wheels and you’re set for life!

Product Overview

One of the greatest features of the Atlas Sound SB36W is the variable, piston-type air suspension system. This ensures your microphones stay safe.

The stand is also equipped with very quiet, ball-bearing swivel casters like you’d see on a road case.

As expected, there is a nice weighted base and an adjustable counterweight to keep things balanced.

The two pieces come together with a gyromatic swivel, made from die-cast. The stand spans from 49″ to 73″ tall.

Hands on with the Atlas Sound SB36W

Wow. Just wow. This is the best stand on the list, by far. I should just end it here. There really is nothing that can beat this stand.

The feel is absolutely incredible.

It feels like a tank when you move it. The Atlas Sound drum overhead mic stand is built so perfectly; I don’t think anything will ever go bad on this product if taken care of.

Obviously, this is not a stand you will take on tour, but it is the ultimate drum overhead microphone stand for in the recording studio.

6) K&M 21430

K&M 21430 Mobile Overhead Microphone Stand

Steel Boom Overhead Microphone Stand, Adjustable Height from 4.4' to 7.2', with 22 lbs. Cast-metal Base, Lockable Castor Wheels, and Mini-boom.

View Price at Sweetwater View Price at Amazon
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The drum overhead microphone stand from K&M is a solid choice, but not for this price point. I think this one of the worst picks on our list.

Featuring a 22-pound cast-metal base, the K&M drum overhead mic stand does feel a little cheap when compared to the Atlas stand.

Somehow, this stand is more expensive than that one and doesn’t come close with its quality.

7) Latch Lake Music micKing 3300

No Casters on this Stand!
LATCH LAKE micKing 3300 Boom Microphone Stand (Chrome)

Studio Boom Mic Stand with Lever Locks, Heavy-duty Boom Clutch, Stable Base - Black.

View Price at Sweetwater View Price at Amazon
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Finally on the list is the most expensive drum overhead mic stand you can buy! And there’s no casters on this stand for some reason!

The Latch Lake Music micKing will last you for many generations due to its solid build quality. Pass it down to your grand kids!

Product Overview

Latch Lake’s microphone stands are top of the line when it comes to build quality. The cost of these stands is a little more, but they are made inside the United States.

They are perfect for anyone with expensive microphones; this stand will keep them safe. Microphone placement is also very easy with the micKing.

It has a 7′ boom and a 7′ mass, combined to be a 14′ stand. Latch Lake claims that their boom system is the strongest system in the world.

Hands on with the Latch Lake stand

No matter which way you look at it, these are exceptional stands. The quality of the build is mind-blowing.

The locking mechanisms work so well on these stands. Yes, they are way too expensive for the average user, but for a full-blown studio build, I’d be torn between this stand and the Atlas Sound stand.


With many options on the market, it can be hard to pick out the best drum overhead mic stand. Our best pick has to be the Atlas Sound SB36w.

It’s definitely one of the more expensive stands, but is absolutely well worth it. For the price of the Latch Lake stand, you can just about buy two Atlas Sound stands!

Now that you’ve got your stands, in addition to overhead microphones, you’ll most likely also want some close mics. Be sure to check out our guide on the best drum mic kits.

Which stand do you like most? Did you end up buying one? Let us know in the comments down below.

If you believe I made any mistakes in the article, please leave me a message and I’ll be sure to make corrections. Thanks for reading.


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