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The Top 8 Electronic Drum Sets for Kids

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Electronic drum sets are perfect for kids — they quiet, provide a fun experience, and are even good for the brain. Whether they’re a toy in your child’s eyes or spark an aspiration for music performance, don’t be afraid of letting your child start playing the drums.

Today we’ll take a deep dive into the world of electric drum sets for kids—noting all the features and advantages of each.

1) Alesis Turbo Mesh

Alesis Turbo Mesh
Configuration8″ single-zone snare drum pad, 10″ tom pads (3), 10″ crash cymbal pad, 10″ ride cymbal pad, 10″ hi-hat pad, Turbo Mesh module
Kits10 preset kits, 120 total sounds
Inputs & Outputs1 x DB-25, 1 x 1/8″ (aux in), 2 x 1/4″ TS (L/mono, R),1 x 1/8″ TRS (headphones), USB type B
Included HardwareRack stand, hi-hat foot controller, kick controller pedal, cable
Where to BuyzZounds
What We Like+ Mesh drum heads provide a quiet, yet realistic experience
+ USB connection makes it easy to use a laptop for better sounds
+ Affordable for a child
What We Don’t Like– Limited preset drum kits
– Pedals tend to slide forward easy
– Cymbals tend to sound quiet compared to the drums


The Turbo Mesh does not come with a drum throne (seat).

At the most affordable end of the spectrum is the Turbo Mesh from Alesis. It’s a smaller electronic kit but has plenty of features a new child drummer desires. Aside from the apparent hitting areas, the kit features three cymbal pads, four drum pads, two pedals, and a drum module to change the sounds.

The steel stand is robust. While assembly is a little tricky, this is common among all electronic drum kits. The rack does fold up for secure storage in the closet. The Turbo Mesh has ten kits with 120 sounds, including drum sounds from genres like rock, metal, jazz, and hip-hop.

For young ones who want to play along to their favorite music, there is an auxiliary on the unit, allowing you to plug in an MP3 player, laptop, tablet, or phone.

2) Alesis Nitro MAX

Alesis Nitro MAX
Configuration10″ dual-zone snare (1), 8″ single-zone toms (3), tower kick pad, 10″ hi-hat, 10″ crash, 10″ ride, Nitro MAX module
Kits32 factory, 16 user, 441 sounds, 80 play-along songs
Inputs & Outputs25-pin snake connector (10-trigger), 1/4″ TRS (tom 4), 1/4″ TRS (crash 2), 1/8″ TRS (aux), 2 x 1/4″ TRS (L/mono, R), 1/8″ TRS (headphones), USB type B
Included Hardware4-post metal drum rack, hi-hat pedal
Where to BuyzZounds
What We Like+ Mesh drum heads
+ Bluetooth connectivity
+ Improved drum sounds from BFD
What We Don’t Like– Tom pads are small and compact
– Rack is a bit wobbly


The Nitro MAX does not come with a drum throne (seat).

Who says drums have to be loud and obnoxious? The Alesis Nitro MAX is the perfect way to get started with playing the drums, without all the noise. This eight-piece electronic drum set has a premium feel and natural dynamics, making it perfect for beginners or young kids just starting out. Plus, the 10″ dual-zone mesh snare drum provides an ultra-quiet response, perfect for those late night practice sessions.

With 32 different preset kits and 80 play-along tracks, you’ll never get bored with this drum set. And the backlit LCD screen makes it easy to keep track of progress. Plus, the USB MIDI connection allows your child to use this drum set with a computer or mobile device for even more possibilities.

3) Donner DED-80

Donner DED-80
Configuration7″ single-zone snare drum pad, 7″ tom pads (3), 10″ crash cymbal pad, 10″ ride cymbal pad, 10″ hi-hat pad, DED-80 module
Sounds/Kits150 preset kits, 180 total sounds
Inputs & OutputsUSB, 3.5mm (headphones),
Included HardwareRack stand, hi-hat foot controller, kick controller pedal, cable, headphones, sticks, drum throne
Where to BuyAmazon
What We Like+ Affordable electronic drum kit
+ Perfect for a young drummer
+ Free lessons from Melodics
+ Quiet mesh drum heads
What We Don’t Like– Drum pads are very small
– Sounds aren’t great
– Drum throne is very small and poor-quality for adults

Recently, Donner Music sent out a compact e-kit for me to test out. The DED-80 is perfect for young students aged 5-13 in my opinion. It features four drum pads, three cymbals, a compact hardware frame, mesh drum heads, 180 sounds, two foot pedals, a drum stool, headphones, and sticks. It’s got everything your child needs to get started on the drums.

There are built-in songs to play-along to, as well as an auxiliary input for using MP3 players or other devices with the unit.

If you’re worried about the setup process, this kit is by far the easiest electronic drum set I’ve ever put together. It’s super lightweight, as well, so you can fold it up quickly and put it away in the closet.

One of the biggest challenges of young drummers, is actually knowing if they will stick with the instrument. At a price point of under $300, it’s not as much of a risky gamble to buy your kid and e-kit without worrying if it will be a waste. Worst case scenario, they play it like a toy and grow out of it. But hopefully, they will stick with the drums and become the next John Bonham.

You can watch my video review of the DED-80 here.

4) Pyle Pro Electronic Tabletop Drum Set

Pyle Pro Electronic Tabletop Drum Set

The Pyle Pro Electronic Tabletop Drum Set is the perfect way for young kids to learn to hit things without fully committing to a real kit. This innovative and compact drum set features 10 pre-loaded drum kit presets, all of which can be played with the included sticks.

The set also includes a built-in metronome, so you can keep time while you play. Plus, there’s a Record/Playback function that lets you record your own drum tracks and play them back later.

I usually don’t recommend tabletop drum kits, but for this case, I think they’re appropriate. Tabletop drum sets give kids an introduction to the drums without spending a fortune. The Pyle Pro tabletop drum set has seven pads complete with 300+ drum/cymbal sounds. It’s portable, too.

While it includes an AC adapter, you can power the unit with six C batteries — your child will have fun all around the house.

5) Yamaha DD-75 Tabletop Digital Drum Set

Configuration8 drum pads
Sounds/Kits75 presets, 10 user kits, 570 voices
Inputs & Outputs1/8″ (AUX in), 1/8″ TRS, MIDI I/O
FeaturesFoot pedals (hi-hat, bass drum)
Where to BuyzZounds
What We Like+ Very portable
+ Realistic drum sounds
+ Great for use with a computer for additional sounds
What We Don’t Like– Pedals are cheaply made
– Not ideal ergonomically compared to the layout of a traditional drum set

The Yamaha DD-75 is a portable digital drum set that is perfect for young and new drummers. It comes with eight pads, ported speakers, two foot pedals, and MIDI connectivity. Yahama’s instrument quality is far superior to the Pyle Pro, so keep that in mind. You’ll spend a bit more, but it may be worth it.

It has a wide range of sounds and functions that makes it perfect for practicing and performing. The eight pads are velocity-sensitive and have a great response. The ported speakers provide great sound quality. The two foot pedals give you the ability to practice like you’re playing a real drum set—tabletop kits are good for introducing drums to young children.

6) Alesis Surge Mesh

Alesis Surge Mesh SE
Configuration3 x 8″ Dual-zone Mesh Toms, 1 x 10″ Dual-zone Mesh Snare, 8″ Mesh Kick Pad Tower, 1 x 10″ Hi-hat, 1 x 10″ Crash with Choke, 1 x 10″ Ride with Choke, Surge Drum Module
Sounds/Kits24 presets, 16 user kits, 385 sounds, 60 play-along songs
Inputs & Outputs1/4″ TRS (tom 4), 1/4″ TRS (crash 2), DB-25 (cable snake), 1/8″ (aux in), 1/4″ TRS (2), 1 x 1/8″ (headphones)
Included HardwareKick pedal, 4-post chrome rack, hi-hat pedal, cable snake
Where to BuyzZounds
What We Like+ Awesome-looking design
+ Larger mesh kick drum pad
+ Easy to store away
What We Don’t Like– No Bluetooth connectivity
– Poor module drum sounds

One of my favorite mid-level electronic drum kits for kids is the Alesis Surge Mesh. I’ve written about it before, and you can read my full review here. All drum pads included are dual-zone, giving you two sounds per drum — a vital feature for a more realistic experience.

The Surge Mesh packs 385 unique drum sounds into the drum module along with 40 preset kids and 60 play-along songs. The Surge Mesh is the best of both worlds — it’s moderately affordable and has many features a more expensive electronic drum set would typically include.

7) LyxJam 7-Piece Electronic Drum Set

LyxJam 7-Piece Electronic Drum Set

The LyxJam 7-piece electronic drum set features mesh drum heads for a realistic feel, 209 preloaded sounds, 50 play-along songs, and recording capability.

The built-in metronome and LED display make it easy to keep track of your progress. And with advanced rubber cymbals, this set is perfect for those who want a great first experience playing the drums.

8) Avatar by HXW SD61-4

Avatar by HXW SD61-4

Avatar (also known as HXW) is a relatively new brand to the electronic drum kit market. While the cost of this kit is a little bit more, you get a few more features reserved for more expensive drums. The snare drum is dual-zone, giving you two different sounds on the pad zone and the rim.

Avatar’s e kit features a real kick tower, something we haven’t seen yet. This piece acts like a bass drum would, emulating the feel.

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