4 Best Light Up Drumsticks That Wow Any Audience

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Impressing an audience as a drummer can be a difficult task, especially if you’re sitting at the back of a stage with limited lights on you.

One way to wow the crowd on stage is to use light up drumsticks.

Most light up drum sticks are made from clear plastic and will light up upon impact with a drum or other solid surface.

In this article, we will help you pick the best light up drumsticks your money can buy.

Skip to the end? I like the Pair of ROCKSTIX 2 HD Color Changing Drumsticks.

Best Light Up Drumsticks – A Quick Glance

What to consider when buying light up drumsticks

Light Up Drumsticks

Light up drumsticks are generally made from clear acrylic plastic. They will not play like a regular drumstick and will feel significantly different.

Light up drumsticks also tend to break quicker than wooden sticks, so it’s advised to use these more for effect while on stage rather than for sonic performance.

Are you buying LED light up drumsticks or glow in the dark drumsticks?

The traditional light up drumstick will generally light up upon impact with a drum or hard surface. There are also companies that make glow in the dark sticks that will stay lit all the time.

However, the issue with these sticks is that you need to be in the dark to see them. A lighted stage might not be the best option.

A light and delicate playing style is required – No rimshots!

As stated before, these types of drumsticks are going to be much more fragile than traditional sticks.

When using these on stage, approach playing with a lighter finesse and your light up drumsticks will last much longer.

Who uses light up drumsticks?

Anyone can use them! I’ve seen everyone from professional musicians on stage to young children using light up drumsticks. Parents: light up drum sticks make an excellent gift for the holidays!

Light up drumsticks are not intended to make a great sound on drums and cymbals

Due to the plastic and flimsy nature of light up drumsticks, you generally won’t get a great sounding drum tone from using these types of sticks. They are meant only for show and will do any excellent job at that.

Okay, let’s get on to the reviews!

Trophy FX12GR Firestix – Cheapest Light Up Drumsticks

Trophy’s Firestix are a popular line of light up drumsticks. They are made from durable lexan, but don’t count on these to survive every hit on stage, especially if you’re a hard-hitter.

These particular sticks are like most: they will light up upon impact. You can choose which color sticks you’d like when buying them, but they are not color changing.

The batteries used in these are similar to those used in watches. You will need to order extra batteries if you want more life out of these LED drumsticks.

Rockstix 2 HD Color Changing Light Up Drumsticks – Editor’s Pick

The Rockstix are our Editor’s Choice! These are by far the best value light up drumsticks. Most light up drumsticks are made with a fixed color and only activate when striking a hard surface.

The Rockstix have thirteen color effects, allowing you to create amazing visual effects when moving through the air. These light up drumsticks were featured in the movie Drumline 2.

Hiptrix Purple Glow in the Dark Drumsticks – Not Light Up!

If you’re looking for glow in the dark drum sticks, these will do the trick. Unfortunately these do not light up. In order to make these work, you’ll need to “charge” them with a fluorescent light. They do emit a nice bright color when charged.

Blue LED Light Up Drumsticks From Lewis Creative – Our Least Favorite

The light up drumsticks from Lewis Creative are your standard light up sticks. They offer a fixed color, emit color from motion and impact, and are very fragile. We personally rank these at the bottom.

Have you ever used light up drum sticks? Which ones do you like using? If we missed anything important, be sure leave a comment below. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!


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