Choosing a Road Case for Your Drums

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Road cases are essential to any touring band, especially for drummers. If you have gear to move, it’s best to keep it safe and sound inside a road case.

Plastic SKB cases are not as durable and do not roll right out of the trailer. If you use these types of cases, you will need many more of them and will result in a longer load in and sound check.

Prices for road cases range from inexpensive to costly. We hope this list helps you pick the best road case for your expensive gear.

When it comes to buying road cases, there are not too many places you can buy them locally. It’s a little different than going down to your local music store.

Sometimes you can find a used road case at a local pawn shop or used music store. A lot of times these cases will have rivets missing and the latches will be worn out.

A better idea is to buy new and buy quality. Here are my picks for the best road cases for touring bands.

Road Case Brands To Avoid

I purchased what was supposed to be a bass drum and cymbal case from Road Cases USA. The case that came was garbage.

It’s only 1/2″ thick (making it very flimsy), the rivets are terrible, the latches are tiny, and don’t even get me started on the casters.

It ended up being way to small to hold my bass drum and cymbals, so I just turned it into a cable trunk that I still use to this day.


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