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Drumeo QuietKick Review – The Best Practice Kick Pad?

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Pairing nicely with the original QuietPad, the new QuietKick from Drumeo offers drummers a way to practice and train their kick feet like never before.

The team at Drumeo sent a QuietKick out for me to test. I’m looking at the single pedal version, though they also offer a double kick variant.

Drumeo QuietKick Review

We’re notorious for working out hands with a practice pad, but rarely our feet. I know my left foot desperately needs more attention. Drummers need to focus more on kick technique and our stamina—now we can.

QuietKick Box


Most kick drum practice pads available today are cumbersome and bulky. The QuietKick, however, is very compact, easy to toss in a bag, and attaches to any bass drum pedal.

It might seem confusing at first how you’d use it, seeing that the pad position is in a strange spot. The trick is to swap out your kick beater with the included reverse angle beater to start practicing.

You can use either a single or double pedal with the QuietKick, but you’ll need an additional reverse angle beater.

I’d really have the ultimate on-the-go kick practice solution if I could only fold up my clunky DW9000 kick pedal and fit it in my backpack. I may need to switch to Jojo Mayer’s Perfect Balance Pedal or a Ludwig Speed King, as they might be the most lightweight folding kick pedals around.

Drumeo QuietKick Practice Pad


The pad features a minimalist design, made from hard metal in a sporty blue color. I love the look and feel—the compactness is a huge selling point.


One of the main features of the QuietKick is in the name—the noise level. The pad makes it easy to practice wherever you are in almost any setting. 

It’s quiet enough that most people won’t hear it around the house but still audible enough to annoy someone in the same room, just as a practice pad would.

I haven’t tested it, but I would imagine people living anywhere other than the first floor could also have an issue with neighbors below. Electronic drum sets face this issue despite being quieter than standard drum sets.

There are two UltraQuiet strike pads, so be sure to use one if you live above someone.

Playing Surface

QuietKick Above View

The strike pads used on the QuietKick are thick enough to feel real but aren’t overly bouncy like some mesh heads. 

Like a regular practice pad, we’re not going to get total perfection in recreating the feel of a drum, but it’s darn close.

QuietKick Launch Specials from Drumeo

Single Kick:

  • $59
  • 1 Drumeo QuietKick
  • 1 Reverse Angle Beater
  • 2 Ultra-quiet strike pads
  • 1 Long-lasting strike pad

Double Kick:

  • $79
  • 1 Drumeo QuietKick
  • 2 Reverse Angle Beaters
  • 2 Ultra-quiet strike pads
  • 1 Long-lasting strike pad

Or you can get one free with your membership renewal. Learn more about Drumeo Quietkick.

Nick Cesarz

Nick is a drummer, percussionist, and blogger from Milwaukee, WI. He toured extensively with Vinyl Theatre, opening up for acts like twenty one pilots, Panic! at the Disco, and more. Now no longer touring, his passion lies in gear and playing the kit as much as time allows.

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