How This Drummer Made an Amazing Snare Drum Out Of Old Sticks

Where do your old drumsticks end up? Mine usually end up in the fire pit. It’s not the case for a drummer from Hong Kong, who managed to create an incredible looking, and sounding, snare drum from the used sticks.

Gould Wu, a Sabian Artist from China, took old drumsticks from as far back as 2001 and built a beautiful sounding snare drum out of the lot. Not only is the feat incredible, but also an extremely good use of resources.

The drumsticks were cut in half to an appropriate shell size and then planed to be squared off. From this point, the sticks were arranged and glued into a circle.

A trimming machine was used to smoothen out the drum and get ‘rid of any imperfections all the way around. From here, he begins to polish the drum.

Cutting the bearing edge had to have been very tricky, considering how delicate and fragile we all know this part to be. After cutting the snare beds, Danish oil is used for finishing. The last step, of course, is drilling the holes for the hardware and putting the drum together!

It truly is an amazing build and a joy to watch his progress.

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