Sabian Unveils New Logo at NAMM 2019 and the Internet Goes Wild

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Two days ago at NAMM 2019, Sabian unveiled a new logo design to help modernize the brand alongside what they are calling an attitude adjustment.

The logo features sleek hand-written pen strokes, along with the traditional sound wave we’re all too familiar with.

It would appear that Sabian is trying to move the brand forward in an unhinged and brassy light.

Me personally, I don’t mind the new logo. I have no major brand loyalty to Sabian, but I also do like their cymbals. The university I studied at had a plethora of Hand Hammered cymbals and I’ve always loved their sound.

Here’s one of their latest promo videos featuring Chris Turner of Oceans Ate Alaska.

The internet’s response

All over forums and Facebook groups, the response has not been the greatest for Sabian, with many saying that the design looks cheap and even one mentioning that it reminds them of the Slayer logo.

Drumeo, one of the leading drum instruction websites, questioned their Facebook audience to get a reaction. The results are a little grim.

Unfortunately, I think many people, especially on the internet, are reluctant to change. It seems to me that many are jumping on board because it’s the thing to do.

Where can Sabian go from here?

The new brand logo is very fresh in many drummers’ minds. I think after a few days or so, the commotion will come to a halt.

Sabain needs to bite their lip and tough it out, which I no doubt expect they will. They’ve planned this change out and I’m sure they expected a little opposition upon launch.

Changes to AAX Line

The logo’s not the only talk at the Sabian booth this year at NAMM. The company’s AAX line is set to change with additions of thin, medium, and heavy models.

The line will feature a larger hammering style, giving these cymbals a wider sonic range with more overtones (Meinl anyone?)

Some models of the AAX line are also being axed, but all of the player favorites (X-Plosion, Aero, Freq, Omni) will still remain in the Sabian catalog.

What do you think of the new Sabian logo? Be sure to leave a comment down below with your thoughts. Thanks for reading.

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Nick Cesarz

Nick is a drummer, percussionist, and blogger from Milwaukee, WI. He toured extensively with Vinyl Theatre, opening up for acts like twenty one pilots, Panic! at the Disco, and more. Now no longer touring, his passion lies in gear and playing the kit as much as time allows.

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  1. Sorry, new logo looks like it is trying to appeal to 13 yr. olds. Doesn’t look classy or mature. However, I think they could “clean it up” and make it look a little less like a logo for a corny Metal Band.

  2. All my life I’ve been sticking to Sabian cymbals only. 21 years of drumming, 21 years of loyalty to Sabian.

    I loved the image the old logo gave to the brand : it was saying something like : we’re SERIOUS, we’re STRONG, we’re STABLE, we’re HERE TO STAY… in a single word “we’re RELIABLE !”. Yes, that’s it, that’s the word. I was never expecting some treason nor treachery like that from such a beloved, cherished brand !

    True, Zildjian logo looks great and their cymbals sound great… but the image they were giving in their advertising has always disgusted me. Meinl cymbals sound good but I also never liked their image.

    This logo change is the biggest disappointment in the world of drumming I could ever imagine !
    I guess I’ll stick to two options now :
    – either buy old Sabian cymbals, with the old logo only ; preferably second hand so they’ll be cheaper and my money won’t go directly to Sabian.
    – or buy Paiste cymbals… or have another look at the other brands around and give them a chance too.

    Congrats, Sabian, your mistake resembles the one from Gillette’s advertising : there’s no way you can save the damn thing. So, basically, you’re saying you don’t care ? That’s the attitude young teenage rednecks take that drive adults to despise them. Well done !

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