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Pearl malletSTATION Review – Pre-Order The New MIDI Marimba From Pearl

Not too long ago, I made a YouTube video detailing the differences between Alternate Mode's malletKAT and the new Pearl malletSTATION. It sure is interesting that the same type of product from two different companies is stylized in the exact same way.

Pearl EM1 Mallet Station 3.0 Adjustable Range Electronic Controller, Platinum Gray
  • USB powered MIDI mallet keyboard controller
  • Universal compatibility through phone/Tablet/laptop
  • Tech-Forward Design featuring KMI Smart Fabric Sensors
  • Low note, adjustable, user defined 3.0 octave range
  • Natural feeling 1.75" x 5" soft Silicone keys.
Pearl Drums was founded by Katsumi Yanagisawa in 1946. The company…

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