Best Percussion Stomp Box

5 Acoustic and Percussion Stomp Boxes To Spice Up Your Performance

Since Ed Sheeran broke through that thick, pop-heavy mainstream barrier seven years ago, he has been gigging with only two pieces of equipment: His guitar, and his looping station. Sheeran still uses it to this day for percussive use amongst...

/ May 5, 2018
Best Drumstick Holder

Best Drum Stick Holder – Read THIS Before You Buy

As drummers, we are always looking for places to keep our sticks on stage. Grabbing a pair out of your stick bag may not always be an option when a drop happens. Fortunately, there are many companies out there making...

/ April 26, 2018
Vocal Mic For Drummers

Best Vocal Mic For Drummers – Buyer’s Guide For The Singing Drummer

Adding a vocal microphone to your drum setup can really enhance your live performance with your band. You'll be able to add extra harmonies, sing main parts, and even interact with the crowd when you're other band members are busy...

/ April 25, 2018
Best Music Production Software

Top 7 Best Music Production Software – For Beginner To Advanced Producers

You’ve got your song ideas all stored up in your head. You’ve got your lyrics, your drum beat idea, your chords. But have you got the software to bring your track to life? You may have already used a DAW...

/ April 19, 2018
How To Make Money Drumming

GetGood Drums Announce New Sample Pack – Modern and Massive

I checked my email this morning to an email announcing a brand new sample pack from GetGood Drums. "The Sound In Our Heads" shows an incredible demo of the new sample pack and what sounds to expect. Getgood Drums Modern...

/ April 17, 2018