Recommended Drum Gear

Recommended Gear: My tour-tested picks for drummers

I’ve spent tons of hours researching, playing, using, and testing the best drumming gear on the market. These products are tour-ready and can be recommended without hesitation.

Keep in mind that some of these products are not necessarily the highest-end items, rather the best bang-for-your-buck, if you will. My goal on this page is to recommend great, quality gear while keeping budgets in mind. This is the gear I personally use.

Hey there fellow drummer, thanks for reading the post. I’ve got a private Facebook group called Drum Junkies. It’s made up of people just like you and me who are sharing pictures of their drum kits, talking about industry trends, and sharing tips about drumming. I’d love for you to join! Here’s a link to the group; we’ll see you on the inside.

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