STICK PRO Review – Impress Audiences Without Dropping Your Sticks

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STICK PRO is an interesting new product designed for seasoned professionals and new drummers.

Two plastic pieces attach to your drumsticks allowing you to twirl them to your heart’s content without fear of dropping them.

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Improved control

It also will add more snap and force to your playing; you will have more pivot control and precision. STICK PRO claims to help with hand fatigue. I personally struggle with this and can tell you that it works.

STICK PRO is designed to fit sticks ranging from 7A to big fat marching sticks.

Stick tricks

An obvious feature of the STICK PRO is the ability to do cool stick tricks. Spinning your sticks is extremely easy to due to the fact that your sticks are basically connected to your hands.

Rebrand from StickTwirl

STICK PRO was originally known as StickTwirl. They have rebranded from their old design and I have to say I’m quite impressed.

The new box design looks immaculate and the black plastic looks much nicer than the tan color.

Professional drummer Dennis Chambers is a big supporter of the product. See what he has to say in the video below.


  • Easier control of your sticks
  • Fits on many sizes of drumsticks
  • Increased precision and power
  • Better support and balance
  • Controlled pressure while playing
  • Enhanced showmanship without the fear of dropping sticks
  • Beneficial for drummers at any level


  • The only con is it’s not a real “twirl,” but no one will know!
  • STICK PRO can sometimes feel a little cumbersome while playing


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