Sensory Percussion by Sunhouse

Sunhouse Sensory Percussion: A Leap Forward in Electronic Percussion

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For those unaware, Sunhouse launched a successful Kickstarter campaign for their product Sensory Percussion — a new and innovative trigger system that works with any drum.

Utilizing the latest and greatest advances in signal tech, Sunhouse’s Sensory Percussion triggers expand the sonic realm of music-making.

How Does Sensory Percussion Differ?

Sensory Percussion

Sensory Percussion isn’t your typical trigger system — your entire drum head contains different sections with different sounds. Traditional drum triggers are only an on-off switch.

Drum triggers are hardware components that allow you to trigger sounds and samples as you play your drums.

Sunhouse offers their line of mesh drums, but if you want to use your own, you can get the clip on triggers.

What Can SP Do?

Sensory Percussion Sensor

The trigger latches onto your rim and, incredibly, can detect where and how you hit the drum — allowing you to map different sections of the drum to any desired sound.

No matter if you wish to use synthesizer sounds or drum samples, you can do it with ease (rim hits and cross sticks even work).

The process of setting up Sensory Percussion first requires training the sensor. With the use of a computer (you’ll need one), the included software will walk you through the process of both calibrating the drum and choosing samples.

Once calibrated, you can add samples to any part of the drum’s surface: the rim, the cross stick, anywhere on the head, etc.

Sensory Percussion allows blending between regions, which aids in the performance sounding natural. This feature eliminates the issue of common e-drums and sample pads.

“Sensory Percussion is the freshest, most creative technology to hit electronic drumming in the last decade. With one drum I can now do what I can do with an entire kit.”

Trevor Lawrence Jr. — Grammy-winning producer and drummer for Dr. Dre, Herbie Hancock, and Stevie Wonder

Sunhouse also gives you the ability to apply effects to different sections of the drum. This feature eliminates knobs, buttons, pads, and mouse clicks — you’re playing drums, not programming music here.

Effects can also be applied globally to the entire kit.

Smart Cross-Talk Cancellation effectively stops cross-talk due to ambient noise. This innovation is excellent because cross-talk can be a big issue for triggers and electronic drums in general.

How Does SP Work?

Sensory Percussion Kit

Sensory Percussion utilizes an aggregate of sensors to capture all the vibrations of your drum — one sensor works for the head, and one sensor works for the rim/shell.

SP isolates rather well, so it still functions perfectly in loud stage environments. Their proprietary algorithms can tell how and where you hit your drums.

The trigger system also uses XLR cables, so, likely, you won’t need to pick up separate cables to get started.

The software supports a maximum of four sensors at a time.

My Overall Thoughts

Sensory Percussion by Sunhouse is an appealing idea. I, myself haven’t used the trigger system, but have seen enough to know that it works well (unless all the videos I’ve seen are faked, but I doubt it).

SP is a fresh concept, but I can’t see myself having a particular use for it.

Don’t solely take my opinion though — the Kickstarter was a resounding success breaking the funding goal by more than $14,000. There are plenty of drummers and musicians interested in creating music in a new way.

Jonathan Barber demoing Sensory Percussion.

For more information about Sensory Percussion, be sure to hit up their website and grab your sensor kit at Amazon.

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