Tips for performing music better

7 Tips for a Better Music Performance: A Mini Guide

I have one question for you, my dear reader. Do you notice how many good singers fail to make a career out of singing despite being as melodious as a nightingale?

Having performance skills is an essential part of being a singer.

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Many of the pop singers these days are not very good at singing; they are either good at producing upbeat music that’s likable or they have impeccable performance skills.

It takes more than a good singer to put up an excellent performance. It requires practice and careful preparations.

To top that off, you’ll have to be confident and dynamic.

For someone who’s an introvert, this might seem like a challenge. But I know quite a few introverts that can put up a great show.

Performing is a skill, and if you can learn that skill, then you’ll climb the ladder of success quicker than other struggling artists.

Anyhow, here are a few suggestions for your next (or debut!) epic performance:

1) Plan a Great Outfit

You know how they say: “Dress for the job you want?”

Your outfit is going to be decisive for establishing your image. A well-dressed person is considered likable in all walks of life; but in the world of music & entertainment, it is regarded as a must-have trait.

I know that being a singer you wouldn’t want to bother about your clothes, but before you know it the audience of your concert would be criticizing your choice of clothes.

Before you head to a concert, keep the weather in your mind. It is not a good idea to wear a sleeveless dress made out of sheer fabric on a chilly night purely for the sake of appearing fashionable.

However, if you do want to look fancy, pair it up with a chic jacket so that you can focus on your performance instead of shivering.

2) You Could Use Some Loving Fans

If you were Adele, then you probably wouldn’t need this tip at all. But then, you wouldn’t need any of the other tips either.

Anyway, I have a sneaky method for you to appear popular.

If you have a few crazy friends who are willing to play as your diehard fans, invite them all (by invite I mean, either bribe or drag!) to your performance.

They are supposed to cheer for you and swoon all over you while you sing or perform. However, advise them to be mindful of the environment.

A coffee shop performance doesn’t need crazy screaming or bobbing heads; in such a case, subtle clapping and undivided attention would be motivating enough for other people to make them pay attention to you.

3) Shrug Off the Negative Comments

If you’re going to perform for the public, you better learn to have a thick skin. You see, the thing is, you cannot control the vibe of the place.

As a blooming singer, you might be performing at coffee shops and pubs. And sometimes, people at coffee shops are too busy chatting and having fun to pay attention to your music.

Some days while you’re on the stage, the same fans who cheer for you could be throwing trash at you for no apparent reason, and your victim hood in such a scenario is shared by many celebrities as well.

Audience at a concert

You need to learn how to handle the reactions of the audience without taking it personally.

If you take the comments of the listeners too seriously, you won’t be able to give your best.

4) DJing Done Right

For those of you, who are going to be the DJ for a house party this summer, worry not if it is your first time.

All you need is a great playlist of songs – and it should be endless! I mean it; you’re going to need a variety of songs.

While there are a few hits that your audience would like you to play more than once but still, it is preferable to keep lots of music to play on such occasion.

Also, a turn-table is a must-have accessory for a DJ. Turntables are great not only for DJing but to play vinyl records in routine as well.

Instead of going out of fashion, turntables are becoming better and sleeker. If you are tech-savvy with an ear for music, you would love to have one of these in your DJ arsenal.

5) Keep Your Cool

Whether you are performing for the first time or it’s like your millionth time on the stage, it is common to get nervous.

Sometimes, we are under prepared, and that could be a reason behind our stage fear.

Fidgeting doesn’t look great on a performer.

There are several things that you can do to calm yourself down, depending on what your preferred techniques are.

Some people like to meditate and do a quick yoga session before their performance. Breathing sequences is a promised calming technique, and many performers swear by it.

Too afraid to face people? Learn from dancers!

Pick a point in front of you, and you can stare at it, for the most part, to distract yourself from the audience and make you focus on giving the best performance ever!

6) Focus on Self Care

Before your big day, you could be nervous and hell-bent on getting your rehearsals right in the hope of not screwing up the gig.

As much as I admire those artists who give it their all when preparing for a performance, overdoing it could hurt you.

Remember not to sing way too much at least a couple of days before the performance; give your throat some rest. Avoid alcohol and dairy, and remember to get your beauty sleep.

Prepare to succeed. If you practice regularly and have a good work ethic, performing on stage will be a sinch.

If you are away from your band and can’t practice in the same room, one tip is to use a drum machine (hardware or software) to practice your tunes.

Metronomes work fine as well but are not as fun to play along with.

7) Be Yourself

Sometimes, we all need certain reminders. You might not be famous today, but you are you and you’re unique.

So, I wouldn’t recommend you to copy any of the famous artists, because your style and talent is unique.

Embrace your qualities and work on your flaws, all the while having faith that you’re going to succeed. Believe in yourself, and you’ll get there one day.

These are just a few tips, my fellow music enthusiast; I hope that they prove helpful. Until next time! Xx

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