Alesis Strike Pro Review: Does It Stand Up To The Competition?

Alesis Strike Pro Review

The Strike Pro is the flagship electronic drum kit sold from Alesis. It comes standard with eleven pieces and mesh heads; they make an excellent case for drummers who need a kit for both practice and the stage.

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As we’ve mentioned before, Alesis has been dominating the electronic instrument market for the last few years. They are making everything from drum kits to digital pianos.

With such an attractive price point when compared to the higher-end models from Roland, does the Strike Pro stand up to the competition?

I believe it does, but there are some negative aspects to having such a low cost.

Excellent alternative to Roland’s expensive kits.

Alesis Strike Pro Review

Our Overall Score

Kit: Strike Pro
Manufacturer: Alesis

Alesis Strike Pro

Alesis has managed to create an electronic drum set that is both affordable and high quality. You won’t see specs like this on any other kit within its price range.

The kit looks amazing and the shells are sized just like a regular acoustic drum set would be.

The Strike Pro kit recently made it into our roundup article on the best electronic drum sets. Let’s now dive deep on the kit on the good and bad.


Sitting Behind my Alesis Strike Kit
My Alesis Strike Kit

The Alesis Strike Pro is a professional electronic drum kit that comes with four tom pads, a snare pad, kick pad, four crash cymbals, and a hi-hat controller.

The pads are made from nylon mesh, which is the standard for most electronic kits these days.

Note: the kit mentioned in the article is the higher-end model of the Strike, though I own the regular Strike kit with one less pad and two less cymbals. The kits are virtually identical in every other regard.

Included also is the Strike module that has a sleek design with faders, an LCD screen, and buttons to control parameters. The module comes pre-loaded with over 1600 multi-sampled instruments.

By all means it’s a solid drum kit.

What’s in the box?

Alesis Strike Box
The box of the Alesis Strike.

The kit itself is fairly large, so you’ll need a bit of time set aside to set it up prior to playing.

The box the Strike comes in is very heavy, so if you have stairs, you may have to unpack the boxes outside and bring them in seperately.

Included in the box is as follows:

What’s in the box?

  • 14″ kick drum pad (1)
  • 14″ dual-zone snare drum pad (1)
  • 8″, 10″, 12″, 14″ dual-zone tom pads (4)
  • 16″ triple-zone ride cymbal pad (1)
  • 14″ dual-zone crash cymbal pads (2)
  • 12″ hi-hat cymbal pads (1)
  • Chrome rack (1)
  • Strike drum module (1)
  • Pair of drum sticks (1)
  • Cable snake and wraps (1)
  • Drum key (1)
  • Power supply (1)
  • Assembly guide (1)
Alesis Strike Boxes
The individual boxes.

One big downside to buying the Strike Pro is the fact that you have supply your own kick pedal and hi-hat stand. The pedal is no problem for me, but I think they should supply some sort of hi-hat stand honestly.

Differences between the eleven and eight-piece kits

The eight-piece kit is significantly cheaper than the eleven, but onl