The 7 Best Electronic Drum Sets of 2019 for Beginners and Pros

Best Electronic Drums

An electronic drum set can help you practice drums quietly, or expand your tonal palette to include more interesting sounds. It’s generally a large expense – one you won’t want to regret later.

Whether you are an experienced drummer or a parent shopping for your child, you need to have all the best information before making a purchase.

After spending countless hours researching seven different electronic kits, I’ve chosen one that stands out in design, feel, sound, cost, and practicality. There’s no one electronic kit that fits everyone, but you should find a great match here.

The Best Electronic Drum Sets of 2019

Alesis Nitro Mesh

Drum Icon Best For Budget - The Nitro Mesh is an awesome introductory electronic drum set.

Roland TD-17KV-S

The most affordable "V-Drum" electronic kit.