Helpful Resources For Beginning Drummers

Hi. Welcome to This is our resource page for beginning drummers. We’ve curated this list of what we believe are the best places to look when first starting out as a player.

How To Read Drum and Percussion Notation This is the ultimate guide to learn how to read percussion music if you’re first learning the drums. I highly suggest you have some understanding of notation, even if you don’t plan on using it immediately in the near future.

5 Easy Songs To Learn on Drums – Looking for a song to learn when you’re just starting to learn the drums? Look no further. These are five songs we’ve picked are great starts for those just beginning.

Drum Maintenance 101 – Our guide on drum care is very extensive and will teach you the ways to clean, repair, disassemble, store, and muffle your drums.

Strategies To Build Your Following – Trying to grow your name as a drummer online? Here’s a quick little guide on three unique strategies to grow your brand.

What’s The World of Touring Like? – Curious about what it’s like to go out on the road? Here’s some things to expect when you tour for the first time.

7 Best Electronic Drum Kits of 2019 – Looking for a quieter drum set to