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How To Set Up A Drum Set

Learning how to properly set up your drum set as a beginner is crucial, as poor positioning can result in bad technique and terrible posture.

Learn All 40 Drumming Rudiments

Rudiments are extremely powerful for your technique. They’re pretty handy on the kit too. Don’t wait to learn all 40 rudiments.

How To Tune A Drum Set

Tuning your drum kit isn’t an easy task always, especially if you’re a beginner. While frustrating initially, learning how to properly tune your drums will make for quicker soundchecks and better sounding drums.

Unique Drumming Tips That Actually Help

Following a good list of drumming tips can aid you in practicing better, learning faster, and becoming a more skilled drummer.

Vlade Guigni

Vlade is one of the greatest modern-day fusion drummers playing styles ranging from classical, jazz, Cuban, Brazillian, Western, and others.

Neil Peart

Neil Peart, adored by many drummers and non-drummers alike, has been the subject of criticism for being the world’s most overrated drummer of all time. There’s nothing wrong with being celebrated. Ask Ringo Starr.

Tyler Zarzeka

Tyler Zarzeka is an American touring drummer from Los Angeles, CA currently on the road with Taylor Grey opening up for mega-pop band Why Don’t We. His story is inspirational to all drummers.

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