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Best Electronic Drum Sets Under $1000 (2023 Reviews)

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Electronic drum kits have come a long way since their inception. As a result, many pro and amateur drummers use them. Even those that aren’t traditional drummers, like home producers and beatmakers, buy them for production and education. 

Regardless of your musical background, modern e-drums with outstanding features are affordable. Whether you are a novice or simply looking for another kit, here are the best electronic drum sets under $1000.


1) Roland TD-07KV (Best Overall)  

Roland V-Drums are known for their fantastic playability and how expressive they sound. The goal with e-drums is to feel and sound as natural as possible, and here Roland hits the snare on the head! 

The TD-07KV is one of the more affordable V-drum models with the standard 5-piece, two cymbals, and a hi-hat. It feels like playing a real kit, except it has the added Bluetooth and MIDI out technology.


  • Despite the more acoustic look, they are still quiet to practice on, so no bothering the neighbors!
  • The TD-07KV module carries 25 preset kits and 30 more effects to tweak the sound
  • Tunable mesh snare and tom heads that allow you to adjust your kit as much as possible


  • It is the best overall, so it will be the highest budget! You get what you pay for
  • If you are not into high-tech gadgets, this module may be a little more than you require
  • This is in the middle for V-Drum models; there are even better Roland kits if you want something special

2) KAT Percussion KT-300 

While KAT is not as popular as Roland, they have been making electronic drum gear since 1985. This KT-300 features a larger hi-hat, cymbal, and tom size than the Roland for those who want more playing space. 

It was built for both the stage and studio and, like many e-drums, has a module that can emulate sounds or send MIDI through USB to control other samples.


  • The velocity-sensitive Remo mesh heads are one of the highlights of the KT-300
  • The cymbals are all rubber with no plastics added at all
  • Along with 30 preset kits, it also comes loaded with 20 backing tracks to play along with


  • This KT-300 is a little on the higher budget side, but they also offer more intermediate models
  • The larger cymbal and toms help it take up more space in the studio
  • Some reviewers feel this set is a little lower; you may have to make some adjustments 

3) Yamaha DTX6K-X Electronic Drum Set 

Yamaha DTX6K-X Electronic Drum Set

5-piece Electronic Drum Set with Silicone/Rubber Pads, 3 Cymbals, and DTX-PRO Sound Module

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Yamaha is a known and trusted brand of nearly every instrument, and they also make electronic drum sets for under $1000. 

It has a more compact feel and uses its famous DTX module with 240 custom and preset sounds to choose from and onboard training functions. This module also gives you control over sound effects like ambiance and compression.


  • The DTX-PRO has some great sounds and can be connected to your phone for recording and control
  • The Yamaha has an expressive snare thanks to their 3-zone textured cellular silicone
  • The cymbal can be choked by grabbing it anywhere, making it even more realistic


  • If you want more space to play, this may be too small and compact
  • At just below $1000, it is still an expensive instrument to invest in
  • Some players have mentioned troubles with signal crosstalk, so be sure to buy with a warranty

4) ddrum Hybrid 5 Kit 5-piece Acoustic/Electric Drum Set 

Here ddrum has created a gorgeous hybrid of an acoustic and electric drum set. It has the space for acoustic sound but the triggers to manipulate samples. 

The shells are made of birch, and they mix with the sample layer to create great sounds—the best of both worlds! However, this mixture may be more suited for your playing if you are a reluctant drummer regarding the full e-drum experience.


  • Mixing both live sound and samples can lead to some unique and creative music
  • Playing acoustic drums is simply a lot more fun than e-drums; there is just something about that analog experience
  • ddrum triggers and technology are just as great as the other top electronic drumming brands.


  • If you are worried about space, this will be much larger than a regular electronic kit
  • It does not come with a drum module and needs to be plugged into one or at least a computer
  • The drum hardware is also not included, so you will have to put that in your budget

5) Alesis Command Mesh Electronic Drum Set  

Alesis is a more budget-friendly option for some drummers. Like other e-drum kits, it has the standard 5-piece kit with two cymbals, a hi-hat, and a drum module.

The module is packed with drum kits and practice features which can all be connected to your phone. This brand and model are not top of the line, but they are great buys for the value.


  • It has tunable mesh heads, which allow for customizing your rebound and sensitivity
  • The module has over 600 drum sounds to choose from, or you can load custom samples
  • Since this model is great for beginning drummers, the practice features in the module are excellent


  • A lower budget means not as many triggers and sensors inside the mesh and rubber components
  • The drum module features may be too much for those who want to play some drums
  • Some reviewers have had signal issues early on, so be sure to buy with a warranty

6) Yamaha DTX452K Electronic Drum Set 

This Yamaha will be friendlier on the budget, and if you notice, it has a little different look. The cymbals are still made of rubber but so are the drum pads. These are never as good as mesh heads, in my opinion. 

The DTX module is still in use, but this is the 402 model with not as many samples as the PRO. So if you are not worried about tunable heads or too many samples, this model will save you money.


  • Yamaha e-drum cymbals are known for their responsiveness
  • This model has a significant budget and features compared to other electronic drum kits under $1000
  • The kick and hi-hat pedals have been upgraded for this model


  • A lower budget equals fewer sensors and triggers, so it will not be as sensitive to your playing
  • The module doesn’t offer as many sounds and practice features as the PRO
  • It honestly has a cheaper look than the sound it produces; that is just the aesthetics though

 7) Roland V-Drums TD-1DMK Electronic Drum Set 

Roland V-Drums TD-1DMK Electronic Drum Set

Roland is the top dog when it comes to engineering and designing electronic drum sets. The TD-1DMK is top-of-line when it comes to e-drums for kids.

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Here we have another V-Drum by Roland, and this time a much more affordable option. Remember, as the price goes down, so does the computing, sampling, and sensors. 

A model like the TD-1DMK gives us the Roland sound and technology, with just a little less fine-tuning ability. In some cases, the streamlined features are more suitable for those who want something simple.


  • Tunable mesh heads are always lovely to dial in a better feel
  • If you do not like one of the 15 preset kits, you can always use the MIDI to control another virtual instrument
  • Onboard practice and recording features are great for beginners


  • It will not have the same feel or responsiveness of the higher-end models
  • You may run into some sensor or trigger issues on a lower-priced drum set
  • There are many better V-Drum sets available if you have the budget

8) Alesis Surge Electronic Drum Set 

The Next Step Up from Nitro
Alesis Surge Mesh Special Edition

Excellent intermediate electronic drum set with all-mesh drum heads, dual-zone technology, 10" snare, 8" toms, and 8" kick.

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Here we have a more intermediate model by Alesis for those looking for a lower budget set. The cymbals are a little smaller than other 5-piece kits at 10”, but like the Command, it also has mesh heads. 

It uses the Surge Drum Module, which allows for a USB-MIDI and DAW connection. It has a decent number of excellent e-drum features for the price.


  • The Surge Module has 24 kits and 385 drum sounds to choose from
  • Onboard practice features and 60 backing tracks to play with
  • It gets a lot of great reviews, which is always a great sign to look for


  • With lower prices come less tech, so it will not feel as real as an electronic drum set that costs $1000
  • Some reviews mention some electronic issues, so be sure to have a warranty just in case
  • It may be the size, but some drummers are not happy with the cymbal response

9) KAT Percussion KT-150 All Mesh Electronic Drum Kit (Budget Pick)

This intermediate KAT model is another excellent electronic drum on a budget. Here the cymbals are also on the small side, but it does have mesh heads.

The drum module is nothing special, with 160 samples and 15 presets, but it is suitable for those just looking to play with no frills. Also, as the tech grows, the basic e-drum kits are getting more affordable!


  • Mesh heads are a great sign that the drums will be responsive and have that acoustic feel
  • It is a simple and basic starter kit for a beginner drummer or home producer
  • The setup feels a little larger than some, so that is helpful for players that need more space


  • The sensors and triggers will not be as great as the higher KAT model above
  • There are potentially more problems with electronics and software in lower-priced drums
  • The drum module does not provide as many sounds and help as other models

10) Donner DED-400 Professional Electronic Drum Set 

Donner is another large instrument maker that has entered the electronic drum kit market, and their DED-400 is reasonably priced. 

Its module is powered by the DREAM chip, which aims to make the dynamics of the drum sound as accurate as possible. As with some of the other quality kits, they also have mesh heads and a USB-MIDI audio output. And they also have a large frame for players that want the extra space.


  • It has 25 sample kits, 400 built-in sounds, and 50 practice songs
  • Along with these practice songs, it also has 3 built-in coaching functions
  • It is a budget-friendly electronic drum set aimed at new students and even comes with a drum throne! 


  • It will not have the same sensor and trigger abilities as the higher-end models above
  • Though it mostly has excellent reviews, some bad ones warn of the average electronic issues, so be sure to have a warranty
  • If you want higher performance, it is best to stick with e-drum kits that cost about $1000

When buying an electronic drum set under $1000, it is wise to do as much research as possible. You do not have to become an expert but be sure to know your basics. 

Modules are the computer brains that have the samples and presets. The more power your drums computer has, the faster it can process and play. You want the best sampler and MIDI signals you can afford so that everything plays on time and sounds ok.

Triggers and pads are where the strike is read and then sent to the computer. Years ago, triggers and pads were not always reliable, so many players avoided e-drums. Now even the cheapest models on this list are way better as the tech has vastly improved.

Cymbals and pedals are aspects that need to feel as real as possible. Like triggers and pads, they need to have as many sensors as possible, so any hit is read correctly. The more expensive drum kits may have the same bland rubber look and size, but their insides have better abilities to feel the nuance of your drumming, choking, and pedal work. 

When looking for the best electronic drum set under $1000, that can be quite the range of products. Obviously, you will have to stay within your budget, but any of the picks here will allow you to get started on your e-drum journey. The hard part will be working on clear and focused practice because there are no shortcuts to becoming a great drummer!

Nick Cesarz

Nick is a drummer, percussionist, and blogger from Milwaukee, WI. He toured extensively with Vinyl Theatre, opening up for acts like twenty one pilots, Panic! at the Disco, and more. Now no longer touring, his passion lies in gear and playing the kit as much as time allows.

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  1. Hi Nick. Thanks for your useful reviews on best edrums under US$500 and under US$1000.
    As a retired electronics engineer and drummer of 60 odd years. I feel the need for a third party to research the quality issues of the pads, triggers and sensors. I have exclusively used acoustic kits but regularly (like now) investigated buying an electronic kit. As a electronic hardware and microprocessor software engineer I know the trend for the controllers to add functionality and improved performance at an exponential rate. Basically they will continue to be a deceasing cost as a percentage of kit price. That is the GOOD news for ekit buyers over the next decade i.e. better sound, better range, more realistic percussion sounds for the same cost or even less cost to the kit manufacturers.
    Whilst this good news for manaufacturers is ultimately good news for end buyers, the extent of HOW much of the decreasing cost for controllers will determine the sell price for the overall kit.
    The difference I expect will be as a result of the much slower quality issue with the sensing components providing an adequate and consistent signal quality from the pads i.e. both the (electro-mechanical) sensor and the pad (mechanical).
    Your review underlines that for many models, the sensing is either:
    i) non ideal (i.e. less than desired)
    ii) inconsistent (across pad strike zones)
    iii) subject to mechanical cross talk (mounting design)
    iv) lack of dynamic range (especially for jazz and other nuanced striking) for snare, hi hat & ride
    The above results in rather inconsistent reviews even across the same model but different style drummers. With respect reviewers (including yourself) can only address this dog’s breakfast of pad performance and quality by suggesting prospective buyers.
    Reliance on warranty to protect us buyers from disappointing performance issues is not the right solution.
    The right solution is for any lack of performance or quality be properly collected, collated and a key performance indicator (KPI) made public. This will then put a dollar cost on the current inadequacies and through competition will:
    1. drive improvement and innovation on pad sensing peformance and consistency
    2. make for real comparision between different models and manufacturers
    3. ensure edrums continue to close the gap on acoustic for performnce & quality not just price.

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