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Simmons Titan 70 Electronic Drum Kit Review

The Titan 70 is the newest flagship electronic drum set from Simmons. Packed with advanced features, it’s designed for live gigs and studio sessions.

The kit has an incredible range of sounds, a user-friendly module, and sturdy construction.

Key Takeaways

  • New 12″ ride cymbal with three zones and improved drum pads.
  • Next-level performance beyond other brands at a far lower price point.
  • Drum module offers more drum kits, improved features, and visual similarity to the Titan 50 module.
  • Similar feel to the Titan 50 but with new features and upgrades, including a more robust kick drum pad.

About Simmons

Simmons is a pioneer in the electronic drum industry, known for introducing the world to electronic drum kits in the 1980s. Their distinctive hexagonal drum pads became iconic and were widely recognized for their futuristic design and sound. 

Over the years, Simmons has evolved, but it remains a respected name in the drumming world, offering both professionals and beginners innovative solutions to achieve unique sonic possibilities.

Overview of the Titan 70

Simmons Titan 70

The biggest e-kit under $1,000

The Simmons Titan 70 is a monster electronic drum set featuring multi-zone drums, pro studio sounds, a durable rack, and an upgraded drum module.

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The new flagship Titan 70 electronic drum set from Simmons is a game-changer. The kit is designed to deliver professional-level performance and versatility for live shows and studio recordings.

With 314 sounds covering various drum and percussion instruments, this kit offers many sonic possibilities. It’s equipped with 75 preset kits user kits that allow you to customize your sound in ways you’ve never imagined.

The large LCD screen on the drum module makes navigation and editing a breeze. MIDI connectivity lets you integrate other music production equipment seamlessly. It has a built-in metronome and recording function, perfect for honing your skills or capturing your grooves at any time.


Simmons Titan 70 Pads

The pads on this drum kit set it apart, offering a responsive and natural feel you’ll appreciate. The Simmons Titan 70 boasts high-sensitivity mesh heads for the snare and toms, providing a tactile stroke response that mimics an acoustic drum.

You’ll love the dual-zone feature on these pads; it allows you to produce different sounds from the center and edge of each pad, amplifying your creative expression.

The kick drum pad is designed to accommodate double pedals, giving flexibility for more complex rhythms. The shallower shell design of these pads makes them compact without compromising their performance. Additionally, enhanced sensors increase accuracy in capturing your every strike.

Overall, playing this kit feels as good as an acoustic set but with all the benefits of digital customization at your fingertips.

Simmons Titan 70

Drum Module

There’s a notable improvement in the drum module of this kit, with more built-in kits and enhanced features. You’ll find an expanded library of sounds to experiment with, bringing diversity and richness to your playing.

The LCD screen is user-friendly, making navigation and editing a breeze. Your creativity won’t be limited as there’s room for you to customize 20 user-defined kits – tweak away until you get “your sound.”

Impressively, the Titan 70 supports MIDI connectivity; integrating it into your existing drum software is a breeze. The module also includes built-in effects like reverb and compression – tools that instantly elevate your performance.

Simmons Drums 2 App

The Titan 70 also features a detachable, padded tablet shelf that can hold any device imaginable, whether it be your phone or iPad. The module also pairs with the Simmons Drums 2 iOS app, allowing an easy way to select, edit, and mix kits on the fly from your device. 

Sound Quality

Given the price, the sounds included in the module are remarkable. The high-definition acoustic drum sound library was captured in a renowned recording studio. This offers you nuanced and realistic sounds for your performances. You’ll be amazed at how accurately it replicates the resonance of an actual drum kit.

With the Titan 70, you’re not just tapping on pads. You’re playing full-bodied instruments that respond to your touch with precision. Every beat, every stroke is richly detailed. From the sharp attack of snare hits to the rumbling decay of kick drums. It’s all about giving you an immersive sonic experience that feels authentic. And with options to customize each pad’s sound, you can tweak your kit until it sounds exactly how you want it to.


The Titan 70 gives you a realistic and satisfying playing experience. The mesh drum heads are designed precisely, offering a superior response that mimics an acoustic kit. You’ll find the rebound suitable, whether lightly tapping or beating hard.

The triple-zone ride cymbal provides different sounds depending on where you strike it – bell, edge, or bow – allowing for more expressive play.

The kick pad is robust enough to handle even double bass pedals, adding versatility to your performance. And remember the hi-hat controller; its responsiveness will impress you.

Overall, Simmons’ Titan 70 delivers a tactile experience that can’t be beaten at this price point, making each session enjoyable and engaging for all skill levels.

Simmons Titan 70 Top


In conclusion, this electronic drum kit offers high-quality sound, durability, and versatility. You’ll appreciate the realistic playing experience provided by responsive pads and cymbals. The Titan 70 doesn’t just mimic an acoustic set; it improves upon it with its advanced features.

  • An impressive range of dynamic response lets you play expressively.
  • Positional sensing and advanced hi-hat control take your performance to the next level.
  • With MIDI connectivity, you can easily use the kit with drum software like EZ Drummer 3 or Superior Drummer 3.
  • The built-in metronome and recording function are perfect for honing your skills.

The Simmons Titan 70 Electronic Drum Kit is a top-notch choice. Its advanced features and realistic sound quality set it apart from other kits in its price range.

Whether gigging live or recording in a studio, this kit won’t disappoint you. It’s sturdy, compact, and yet packed with professional-grade performance.

Simmons Titan 70

The biggest e-kit under $1,000

The Simmons Titan 70 is a monster electronic drum set featuring multi-zone drums, pro studio sounds, a durable rack, and an upgraded drum module.

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“Simmons announces the Titan 70 electronic drum kit, the newest addition and flagship product of its Titan range. Last year, Simmons introduced the highly affordable Titan 50 and Titan 20 electronic drum kits, bringing the brand’s powerful legacy to a new generation of players. The Titan 70 offers next-level performance and expanded features, at a price point far below that of comparable products from other brands.

Simmons’ Titan 70 builds on the Titan series of electronic drum kits and delivers the sound, feel, and innovation demanded by serious drummers. This full-sized kit includes multi-zone pads for expressive and responsive performance (Variable Attack Response), album-ready produced sounds, and interactive features to customize the kit and improve timing accuracy for beginners to advanced players.

The kit is centered around a sensitive 10-inch dual-zone mesh snare pad with accurate rimshot detection. Four dual-zone mesh tom pads include rim sensors for assigning alternate sounds like percussion. Its three-zone 12-inch ride cymbal is another highlight, with sensors on the bow, bell and edge crash for a variety of sounds. The kick drum features an all-new pedal design – the most substantial and robust Simmons kick drum tower to date – that allows highly nuanced playing (a very light touch for jazz, all the way up to aggressive rock, with the option for an added double-kick). The hi-hat is controlled by a variable pedal for closed, open and every sound in between. For dramatic accents, the two crash cymbals include a choke sensor. All pads have been designed with sensitivity and feel in mind, from the low-profile rims to the dynamic curve. And the versatile square rack has rectangular steel supports to keep pads locked in place.

The Titan 70’s high-definition acoustic drum sound library was newly captured in a renowned professional recording studio, and the stereo big-room ambience can be heard on nearly all of the kits, snares and cymbals. Samples were taken at different dynamic levels, and sounds ring out at their natural decay time. The result is a produced yet realistic and responsive drum sound.

Other features of the Titan 70 module include Bluetooth Audio and MIDI for wireless connection to mobile devices. Pair your phone or tablet and play along with videos and music through the same headphones or speakers as the drums. Bluetooth MIDI attaches to apps, like Simmons Drums 2 for iOS, which selects kits, edits sounds and mixes, and plays music at slow speed to help learn new songs. The built-in, play-along practice mode also works with the app to work on timing accuracy, and the module includes a detachable, padded shelf for a phone or tablet.

From great-feeling pads with superior sensitivity, to superior-sounding kits and innovative interactive features, the Titan 70 is the ultimate launchpad for beginners, advanced and practicing drummers.”


Nick Cesarz

Nick is a drummer, percussionist, and blogger from Milwaukee, WI. He toured extensively with Vinyl Theatre, opening up for acts like twenty one pilots, Panic! at the Disco, and more. Now no longer touring, his passion lies in gear and playing the kit as much as time allows.

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