The Best Cymbal Packs of 2019 – Top Picks From a Touring Drummer

Cymbals are arguably the most important sounding component of your drum set. Anyone can make a cheap set of shells sound great.

It’s truly the cymbals that make a kit shine. Unfortunately for us drummers, cymbals are expensive.

In a hurry? Our favorite is the Benny Greb cymbal pack from Meinl.

One high-quality crash cymbal from, say Zildjian, may run you upwards of $400. Larger cymbal companies have begun putting out cymbal packs, not just for entry-level cymbals, but for high-end ones as well.

Read on to see our reviews and our favorite cymbal pack of 2019.

Best Cymbal Pack – Our Favorite Picks

The table above lists our favorite picks from each cymbal company. While each cymbal maker has many different lines of cymbals, we believe these are the best in both value, performance, and durability.

Below we will be discussing each cymbal maker in depth with each cymbal pack they offer currently.

All cymbal packs listed below will be ranked from highest quality to most budget-friendly. Happy reading!

Zildjian Cymbal Packs

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