Pelican Case Alternatives – 7 Affordable Brands to Keep Your Gear Safe

Our Favorite Pelican Case Alternatives at a Glance

Pelican does make some awesome cases.

These are extremely tough and durable molded plastic cases that are used by touring musicians, photographers, military personnel, gun owners, and everyday consumers.

These cases offer incredible protection for all kinds of expensive gear. I was blown away at how many industry professionals use these cases on a daily basis.

Why do so many professionals choose Pelican? For one, the gear that they use is expensive.

What photographer wants to leave the protection of a bunch of their expensive lenses to a school backpack? Probably none. A hard-protective case provides a nice area for storing gear as well as protecting it from fall damage.

Another one of Pelican’s main selling points is the case’s airtight and watertight gasket, making them impermeable to water in less than ideal weather conditions. They also feature a relief valve to prevent damage to the case when flying with air pressure changes.

While they meet the standards for waterproofing, stacking impact, and extreme durability, is that something that you always need? 

Many companies who manufacture similar cases often also have the same features without the high price tags. In this article, we will be looking at the best Pelican case alternatives.

Pelican Cases can be really expensive. They are an essential part of being a touring musician, photographer, or anything else with gear involved.

If you do not have a budget for them, they can be difficult to acquire and you may need to shop at a second-hand store for one.

Pelican Like Cases

Before you convert an old suitcase from the 60s into your new microphone case, I suggest checking out these Pelican case alternatives.

Incredible value and build quality

Nanuk 935 Hard Case

1) Nanuk 935 Waterproof Hard Case

Nanuk’s 935 hard case is a great alternative to Pelican featuring padlock holes, lid foam, steel hardware, the Powerclaw latching system, and cubed foam.

I hadn’t heard much about Nanuk’s hard cases prior to updating this roundup. As far as I know, they are relatively unknown. That being said, the company has received tons of raving reviews online and is a serious contender to Pelican cases.

Overview of the 935

The 935 isn’t the biggest case in the lot, but is the most unique and customizable of the bunch. Nanuk’s case comes in six different colors; it’s rare for case manufacturers to offer so many options.

Nanuk offers protective cases for everything including video cameras, DSLR cameras, laptops, drones, outdoor gear, and more.

Compared to a Pelican 1510 case, the 935 actually has a few more inches of room for your gear.

The latches

Another great feature of the 935, and all Nanuk cases, is the latching hardware. The cases easily with a definitive snap, so you know it’s secure.

Contrary to Pelican’s hardware latch, there’s definitely an improvement here. You won’t have to worry about TSA opening and closing your case in the event that it may not latch correctly and stay closed on a flight.

The wheels

Both Nanuk cases and Pelican cases feature wheels on some of their models for easy transport. Nanuk’s 935 case features wheels that are almost 1/4″ larger in size. This isn’t the biggest deal breaker, though the case does seem to roll better.


The padlock integration on a Pelican case is lacking when compared to Nan