Best U87 Alternative – Affordable Vocal Microphones For The Home Studio

U87 Clones

Best U87 Alternative – Here’s The Clones

Warm Audio WA-87

Drum Icon Editor's Choice - Excellent sounding and affordable in comparison!

Peluso P-87

Most expensive and most disappointing U87 clone.

Mojave Audio MA-200

An excellent alternative to the Neumann U87.

Ah, yes. We all know about the holy grail of vocal microphones: the Neumann U87ai. This microphone can be heard on thousands of recordings and is in every large studio in the world.

It absolutely is standard when it comes to recording vocals.

While not everyone can afford a U87, there are many companies making amazing clones of this exact vocal microphone.

Today we will dive in and find the best U87 alternative.

A Brief History of the Neumann U87

Neumann is easily one of the most recognizable microphone manufacturers around today: both for incredible quality and price. Around 1950, Neumann released the pinnacle of condenser microphones: the U47. The tonal quality and detail was stunning. It is by far the most musical sounding vocal microphone ever made.

Neumann made another microphone, the U67. Both the 47 and 67 required an external power source: something the main microphone of this discussion does not require. The U87 was released at a time when phantom power was being used in microphone design and manufacturing. Since 1967, the Neumann U87 has been one of the most popular vocal microphones available.

U87 Alternative

Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

I guarantee you can find thousands of records that used this microphone during the tracking process. The U87 just sounds so great. It is not harsh at all and just sounds expensive. This microphone takes very well to compression