The Funniest Craigslist Drum Setup Fails on the Internet

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If you’ve spent any time browsing used drum gear on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, you most likely have seen some pretty jank kit setups on listings. Here’s some of the best ones I’ve found.

I have no idea what’s going on with these toms 👽

It’s common to see non-drummers selling drum sets, and they tend to mount the tom arms backwards.

Nice single tom bass drum setup

I’m not entirely sure what I’m even looking at here.

That’s one way to store a drum set

In addition to scratches, you’ll throw out your back trying to move it! Give it a shot!

Another set of alien rack toms 👽

That’s an interesting spot for the floor tom (also, how tf is that mounted?!)

Damn, no matching snare drum. Not worth it.

Three rack toms, one kick

Creative use of a multiclamp…

Why use the other ball clamp when you add a pointless third one?

That China isn’t that high, but it looks interesting to say the least

“You’ll get a better sound using the resonant head of the kick drum bro”

Just bring your sticks, we have a house kit

20 inch symbol and grioove tomb tomb drum

The actually spelled Zildjian correctly…

That’s quite the kick drum…

Those tom angles tho…

I’m surprised this one even balances

Chill out on the dampening bro…

Again, chill on the dampening, please…

Another non-drummer set this one up

Those are some high toms

I’m not even going to question how one would attempt to play this “drumb set”

I don’t even know what’s happening in this picture (I believe that’s more than five pieces, my guy)

Stretch armstrong is on the gig

Just add a new top, bro

Here’s how to use a snare stand properly

How to ship a drum set 101

Who keeps setting up toms like this? (and the snare is upside down)

90 degree tom angles, niceee

Nick Cesarz

Nick is a drummer, percussionist, and blogger from Milwaukee, WI. He toured extensively with Vinyl Theatre, opening up for acts like twenty one pilots, Panic! at the Disco, and more. Now no longer touring, his passion lies in gear and playing the kit as much as time allows.

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