Best Soundproof Curtains for Noise Reduction Reviewed (2023)

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Soundproof curtains may seem like an easy and inexpensive solution for deadening outside noise. They’re marketed as noise reducing window drapes and promise endless relaxation. The question is, do they work?

While many companies use the term “soundproof” when selling products, it couldn’t be farther from the truth. The reality is that it’s virtually impossible to soundproof a room without physically altering the infrastructure of a room. Most recording studios use what’s known as the “room within a room” technique to achieve a 100% soundproof room.

Despite that harsh reality, sound absorbing curtains can still provide value to your bedroom! While your room won’t be soundproof from those outside of it, you will be able to deaden the noises coming from outside and make your room less reverberant.

Best Soundproof Curtains at a Glance

Best Available Moondream 3-in-1 Sound Insulation Curtains
  • 100% Polyester
  • 3-1 solution
  • Up to 7dB of reduction*
Runner Up RYB HOME Soundproof Blackout Curtains
  • 3 layers
  • 100% Blackout
  • Easy care
Budget Pick NICETOWN Blackout Curtains
  • Affordable
  • Highly-rated
  • Great material

1) Moondream 3-in-1 Sound Insulation Curtains

The Moondream 3-in-1 Sound Insulation Curtains are a game-changer for anyone looking to improve the acoustics of their space. Tested for maximum soundproofing, they can reduce noise levels by up to 4 times and 7 decibels – perfect for drum rooms or recording studios. Enjoy ultimate blackout functionality and improved thermal insulation capabilities: a 3-in-1 solution of comfort and tranquility.

Moondream 3-in-1 Sound Insulation Curtain

Noise-Blackout-Thermal Insulation, Patented Technology, 55" Width x 63" Length, White (Snow MC720), Grommet, 1 Panel

View at Amazon
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Not only do they dampen noises, but they also help to control temperature by providing thermal insulation from the external environment. As a result, you can experience complete darkness and comfort without sacrificing energy efficiency.

My studio is in the basement of a house, approximately 10×30 in size. I had nothing on the walls before and decided to install these at various places on each of the four walls. Hitting the snare drum before installation was very harsh and bright. However, after putting the curtains up, the room sounds warmer and is far less offensive to the ears.

If you’re looking to optimize the acoustics and atmosphere of your space without breaking the bank, then the Moondream 3-in-1 Sound Insulation Curtains are a perfect choice. Not only do they effectively keep outside noise out and provide blackout capabilities, but their thermal insulation will also leave any room feeling cozy. These are our number one pick—the best soundproof curtains available.

2) RYB Home 3-in-1 Noise Insulating Curtains (Runner Up)

The RYB HOME 3-in-1 Noise Insulating Curtains are another excellent option for anyone looking to reduce noise and increase privacy in their home.

RYB HOME 3-in-1 Noise Blackout Curtains

Thermal Insulation Living Room Divier Curtains, Inside Detachable Felt Liner 84 inch Window Noise Blocker Curtains for Bedroom, White, W52 x L84 in, 1 Pair

View Price at Amazon
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Refresh the look of any room with these stylish, eco-friendly curtains. Each package includes two panels that can be combined to create a total width of 104 inches. 

The three layers provide texture and elegance—white on one side, grayish white on the other, plus an optional detachable felt fabric lining in between for added sophistication and insulation from outside noise. Best yet? They are free from toxic materials like formaldehyde, so you can enjoy them knowing they’re completely safe in your home!

3) NICETOWN Blackout Window Curtains (Budget Pick)

The NICETOWN Blackout Window Curtain Panels are our budget pick. They’re okay curtains for anyone looking for blackout curtains that can reduce noise and provide privacy.

Budget Pick
NICETOWN Sound Blocking Curtains

Bedroom Privacy Room Divider Curtain Screen Partitions, Thermal Insulated Blackout Patio Sliding Door Divider Curtain (1 Panel, 8.3ft Wide by 7ft Long, Gray)

View Price at Amazon
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Each panel has a unique silver grommet, creating a casual yet elegant look for any room – easy installation and sliding make these the perfect addition!

With 104 inches in width combined, you’ll have plenty of style options for decorating. In addition, a sewn-in black liner provides superior coverage from the sun’s rays so that you can relax in total darkness—day or night.

Replace your ordinary one-layer curtains with heavyweight blackout-lined panels and experience the difference! They provide a sense of drape, and these robust fabrics can dramatically reduce noise in any home. Experience twice as much sound absorption for complete peace anytime you want it!

Crafted from two layers of triple-weave blackout fabric, these curtains offer the ultimate balance in temperature for any room. So not only can you keep your home insulated against summer heat and winter chill, but they ensure maximum privacy too.

It is best to avoid washing these drapes in water to maintain their appearance and instead opt for professional dry cleaning. Low-temperature ironing will also do wonders in keeping the fabric smooth and wrinkle-free; avoid using sharp objects, though, as this may damage the delicate material.

While these soundproof curtains are functional and offer good value for money, they have some downsides. One issue I experienced is that the curtains show quite a bit of wrinkle, and how to get them out needs to be clarified. In addition, the curtains may not be the most visually appealing option, as they are a bit plain and basic in design.

Who are Sound Absorbing Curtains Best For?

These types of curtains aren’t for everyone. If you’re interested in totally soundproofing a room, you’re going to be unhappy with the results.

  • Those who live in a very busy metropolitan area – Cars, pedestrians, and heavy construction can keep you up at night, especially on the weekends.
  • People who live near freeways – Cars traveling on nearby highways can cause a lot of unwanted noise. This is why you’ll often see big barriers or man-made berms next to freeways.
  • Anyone located in heavy construction areas – While construction is usually temporary, sound proofing curtains can provide quick relief to those dealing with loud machinery both late and early in the morning.
  • Aspiring bedroom music producers – If you make music then you know how hard it can be to get the mix correct. Soundproof curtains can make your room tighter and help you achieve cleaner mixes. Your studio monitors will be more accurate to your ears. Acoustic treatment is expensive and this is a great way to break in without hurting your wallet.

Do Soundproof Curtains Work or are They All Hype?

Yes, soundproof curtains are effective. They will not give you complete isolation, as this requires re-construction of the room, but will dampen the noise and reverberations in the room. If you want to go one step further, you can consider installing soundproof windows. Soundproof curtains aren’t the end all be all, but definitely help. Let me explain.

If your room is barren with just paint on the walls, try standing in the center of the room and clap your hands. Be sure to listen to the room. You should hear the sound of your hands ringing all around the room.

This is known as natural reverberation and can be extremely obnoxious. Now move over to your closet and begin clapping next to your clothing. You should notice an incredible difference in the sound. You should notice that the sound is both quieter and should sound much better to your ears.

Soundproof curtains will act just as the clothes do in your closet. Reverberations will be lessened, the natural decay of sound will be quicker, and overall sound will be more pleasing to the ear.

Other Benefits of Soundproof Curtains

Sound deadening curtains offer more things than just decibel reduction.

  • Some acoustic curtains are also marketed as blackout curtains – In addition to noise reduction, reducing light leak in the early mornings can help you sleep better. You’ll get two birds with one stone. If you work a late job, sleeping during the day can be very difficult.
  • Some acoustic curtains offer a small amount of insulation – Blocking the heat during the summer months and keeping a room nice and cozy during the winter could be an added benefit. Your energy bill will also be lower, as well as the effect on the environment. According to InnuWindow, 10-25% of thermal energy loss is from windows. Some studies claim that you could see a 25% reduction in energy costs over a year.
  • Added privacy at home – As we mentioned before, soundproof curtains often double as blackout curtains. This means added personal privacy at home, as well.

Things to Consider When Looking to Purchasing Sound Deadening Curtains

When buying soundproof curtains it’s important to think about size, weight, materials and other important factors. You can either spend cheap or go big with your purchase. Here are some things to look for.

The Size and Measurements of the Sound Blocking Curtains

This one should be obvious. Usually, when buying regular curtains, the size is measured by the size of the window. However, you need to account for sound absorption. Soundproof curtains need to extend further on both sides of the window.

They also need to be from ceiling to floor for maximum effect. Be sure to measure accurately to avoid walking on your curtains.

The Weight of Your Curtains and its Infrastructure

One thing’s for sure: heavy curtains are needed for sound dampening and sound blocking. That’s why you need to be sure your walls can support this type of weight.

In general, the heavier your curtains are, the better the sound reduction will be. Lower frequencies from things like big trucks and heavy construction will be better absorbed from thicker and heavier materials.

You can always double-up your curtains for more effect if you still have issues. Be sure you have a heavy-duty curtain rod when considering this.

The Materials

Look for curtains marketed with extra fibers. Curtains that are made of suede or velvet are usually great choices. Characteristics that are good to see are heavy, ceiling to floor, tightly woven, insulated, thermaweave, thermalayer. All of these terms are good characteristics of noise absorption and noise reduction.

The curtains will keep the energy bill lower, reduce noise, and keep cold and heat out of the house depending on the season. Extra layers aid tremendously. Other curtain types that apply include blackout, curtain liners, blackout liners, and window liners.

Alternatives to Soundproof Curtains

If the curtains aren’t cutting it for you, there are other alternatives you can consider. Acoustic foam is one of these options.

While these types of panels won’t cover up your window, you can use it in combination with the curtains for a more dramatic effect. Acoustic panels are used everywhere from recording studios to amateur YouTube creator’s setups for noise reduction.

Have you tried using soundproof curtains to improve the sound of your room and for noise reduction? Let us know in the comments below. If you feel we missed anything or got something wrong, be sure to contact us and we’ll get back to you. Thanks for reading.


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  2. Sound will get through any cracks. The problem is that humans can sense sound across 13 orders of magnitude (you can hear a pin drop as well as rock concert) and studies have shown that human perception of reducing a sound level by half (a reduction of 10decibells) corresponds to reducing the sound energy by 90%. So you have to block 90% of the sound. One way might be to hang thick blankets (heavier the better) on ALL the walls. Try to cover even the corners and ideally the ceiling. Since there’s 6 sides to a room the ceiling has 1/6 of the area which is 17% of the total area and thus 17% of the exiting sound (very roughly). So you couldn’t even conceivably reduce the loudness by 50% unless the ceiling is blocked.


  4. It really helped when you said soundproof drapes may appear to be a simple and affordable way to reduce outside noise. I have a cousin who is doing a research paper this should help him, I’ll share it with him. Thank you for the information about the soundproof window.

  5. This article was very helpful. My new office will share an adjoining wall with a bathroom in our school!!! I think I’ll use tiles on the walls covered by the curtains. The foam sounds like a good idea too. Maybe the tiles covered by a lighter colored foam. Either way you’ve given me much to work with. Thanks!

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