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11 Best Drum Forums Still Active in 2023

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Whether you’re a beginning or veteran drummer, drum forums are a great place to hang out, learn about drums, network, and chat about our favorite passion.

With the advent of social media, many drumming forums have dwindled in traffic, some now resembling ghost towns.

Not all have suffered this fate, however. Today I’ll be sharing ten of the best drum forums that are still active and popular on the web.

1) Drum Forum

Drum Forum is one of the oldest drumming communities, dating back to somewhere between 2005 and 2006.

DFO boasts a large and active membership with forums on general drumming, vintage drums, building drums, gigging, teaching, electronic drums, for sale, and more.

2) Drummerworld Forums

For anyone who isn’t living under a rock, you most definitely have heard of the Drummerworld Forums. This site is arguably the most popular drumming forum online.

The site also isn’t just a forum. Drummerworld is arguably the most popular drumming website in the world. The site features many drummers, offers free lessons in various styles, posts drum solos, and much more.

Bernhard Castiglioni founded Drummerworld 25 years ago in Switzerland intending to create the best resource for younger drummers and students.

3) Drum Chat

DrumChat.com is another excellent resource for drummers of all skill levels. The forum is very active and has lots of subforums categorized into things like famous drummers, Q&As, tuning, care, and maintenance, general chat, cymbals, and much more.

4) Vintage Drum Forum

For fans of older drums and cymbals, look no further than the Vintage Drum Forum. VDF dedicates itself to the history and restoration of vintage drums. There is a marketplace for those looking to buy or sell.

5) Pearl Drummers Forum

Pearl drum set players unite; this is the forum for you! Now, this is not to be confused with the line of drums from Pearl known as the Forum Series. This drum forum is an extension of Pearl’s brand and is a community of Pearl drummers.

Don’t worry If you don’t play Pearl drums; you’re still welcome to the community.

Subforums include discussion of various lines of drums including the Reference Series, Masterworks Series, Masters Maple Series, and others.

Also, there are subforums related to snare drums, hardware, drum recording, electronic drums, the malletSTATION, cymbals, orchestral percussion, and much more.

6) Drum Corps Planet

Any DCI drummers out there? Drum Corps Planet is the forum for you.

While this forum isn’t exclusive to drummers and batterie percussion, it does have a large subforum dedicated to percussion.

7) House of Drumming

House of Drumming is a somewhat active forum that has one board: Drumming Chat.

Topics discussed are many times about professional drummers. Looking at the board now, I see threads on Steve Gadd, Todd Sucherman, Gavin Harrison, and Anika Nilles.

House of Drumming is worth a look if you’re into drumming and percussion.

8) Drummer Cafe

Founded by Bart Elliot in 1996, Drummer Cafe is both a website and forum. Bart is a man of many talents: a drummer, percussionist, composer, producer, comedian, educator, writer, and visual artist.

Drummer Cafe quickly became one of the industry’s leading websites on percussion and drums.

My first experience connecting with other drummers online was on Drummer Cafe, and it opened my eyes to my pompous attitude towards drums and drummers at the time.

In addition to the forum, DC provides many percussion lessons and resources on the website.

9) r/drums

Reddit touts that it is the front page of the internet; I have to agree. Reddit uses a subform system known as subreddits.

The r/drums subreddit is an incredible resource for all drummers.

Percussionists (ranging from beginners to industry professionals) from all over the world are posting questions, videos, pictures, and much more on the subreddit.

If you don’t have a Reddit account, I suggest making one and following the r/drums subreddit.

10) Alesis Drummer

For the past few years, Alesis has been dominating the budget electronic drum market, with kits like the Strike Pro, DM10 MKII Studio, Surge Mesh, and Nitro Mesh.

For drummers who buy these kits, this forum is for you. Users of the site can ask questions, post videos, and share stories about their electronic drums.

11) Snare Science

I can’t believe I almost hit publish without mentioning the Snare Science forums. I frequented this website often in college, as its focus is around rudimental snare drumming.

The forum is excellent with topics and subforums ranging from general discussion, practice pad exercises, technique, DCI, video submissions, beginner’s section, reviews, and more.


What are your favorite drum forums? Did I miss one you frequent? I’ll be sure to add it to the list if need be. Thanks for reading; be sure to check out some of these remarkable communities!

Nick Cesarz

Nick is a drummer, percussionist, and blogger from Milwaukee, WI. He toured extensively with Vinyl Theatre, opening up for acts like twenty one pilots, Panic! at the Disco, and more. Now no longer touring, his passion lies in gear and playing the kit as much as time allows.

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