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What Shoes Did Neil Peart Use While Drumming?

Neil Peart, the drummer of legendary power-trio Rush, is known for his bombastic playing style, technical drum fills, and awe-inspiring drum solos.

He retired from Rush after their final tour in 2015 and quietly enjoyed his peace away from the touring before his tragic passing in 2020. Even though Rush may not be touring anymore (we can hope there will be a reunion someday), I wanted to take a look at the shoes Neil Peart wore on his few final tours.

Neil Peart’s Urbann Boards

Urbann Boards is a shoe manufacturing company started by Rodrigo de Castilhos. He’s a long-time shoe designer from Brazil who is at the forefront of the global footwear scene after spending decades in the fashion business.

Drummers who have signature shoes from Urbann Boards include Virgil Donati, Dennis Chambers, Aquiles Priester, and Neil Peart, just to name a few.

Urbann Boards recently just celebrated their ten-year anniversary. The company strives for the best in footwear innovation, style, flexibility, performance, and technology for drummers who wear their shoes.

They allow players to perform at the best of their ability with extreme comfort, precision, breathability, glide, and grip.

The shoes use the same technology as the non-signature brand that Urbann Boards sells. They both feature their seven exclusive technologies, including their acclaimed nanotech.

These shoes are extremely light, so if you’re used to playing in socks and hate wearing thick tennis shoes, these may be perfect for you as a player.

The black and gold design of the Neil Peart shoes isn’t exactly my taste, but I can see people liking the design.

“Urbann Boards Drummer Shoes are comfortable, supportive, and provide just the right combination of glide and grip on the pedal. I wear them every time I play. Thank you so much for working so hard to produce the PERFECT drumming shoes.”  Neil Peart

I was able to find one negative review on the internet about these drum shoes, however, this person seemed a bit overcritical. They wrote that the shoes came to them crammed in a manila envelope instead of a box and that they were made out of cheap materials.

I haven’t tried out Urban Boards myself, but lots of drummers seem to like them for playing.

For other options, be sure to read our roundup of our favorite drumming shoes.


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