4 Best Tablet Holders For Mic Stands – iPad Music Stands Reviewed

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Using tablets on stage is becoming more and more popular as technology continues to improve.

Best Tablet Holder For Mic Stand – A Quick Glance

Editor’s Choice IK Multimedia iKlip Xpand
  • Tablets from 6″ to 8.7″ wide or high
  • Firm springs
  • Adjustable ball joint clamp
Runner Up Joy Factory MagConnect
  • Made for iPad Pro 12.9″
  • 360º rotation
  • Works with Apple Pencil 2nd Gen
Heavy-Duty ChargerCity iPad Mount
  • Fits any flat-edged tables
  • 360° rotation
  • Heavy-duty
Budget Pick Hola! Music Tablet Mount (2)
  • Pack of two
  • For 6″ to 15″ tablets
  • Clips to microphone stands

Applications, such as TouchOSC, are being used as wireless MIDI controllers by many big name bands.

Another great use of a tablet on stage is for controlling an in-ear monitor mix. If your band uses a digital mixing board, having this level of control is no issue.

In fact, my band utilizes three iPads for this exact purpose. We even have an old iPhone off-stage that launches our show.

This leads us to one question: how do you mount a tablet on stage?

Fortunately, there are many companies creating tablet mounts for hardware stands. In this article, we will get down to the nitty-gritty and pick the best tablet holder for a mic stand.

The table listed above shows all my favorite tablet mounts.

Keep on reading to see which one outperformed the rest.

IK Multimedia iKlip Xpand

IK Multimedia’s iKlip is the perfect accessory to bring an iPad on stage with you. The spring action is very tight and really holds your device securely.

iKlip Tablet Holder

This is the exact tablet holder I use on stage every night when we play shows. I have my iPad next to me so I can see what scene my Ableton rig is on. Backing tracks are, unfortunately, a crucial component of our show.

I love that the springs on the iKlip are so tight. It really holds my iPad in snug. I’ve had this exact one pictured below for almost three years now. It’s still holding up strong.

iKlip Side View

The expandable arms can hold devices from 7″ to 12.1″ in size. One of the better features of this tablet mount is the smart bracket design. You can actually run your power cable through the back of the mount to secure your cable, as well as protect it from failure.

Note: This tablet mount will not fit the new iPad Pro 12.9″

It’s very simple to add to any piece of hardware. The large bolt tightens and secures with ease.

Joy Factory MagConnect Mount

For iPad Pro 12.9″

Joy Factory’s MagConnect provides the ultimate protection, which is especially important if you have one of the newer iPads.

This tablet holder is specific to iPads, however they do make a universal module.

This is a nice addition to their product line, but I would opt for a different tablet mount if you use an Android device.

Hola! Music Music Tablet Stand

If budget is your main concern, look no further than the Hola! Tablet Stand. With over 300 positive reviews, this tablet stand is a perfect affordable option to bring your iPad on stage. This tablet mount will hold devices from 6″ to 15.”

The build quality of this tablet mount is surprisingly great, despite its low cost. You can either use the included clamp or connect the tablet mount directly to the threads of the microphone stand.

ChargerCity Tablet Mount

One tablet holder with an interesting design is the ChargerCity mount. It features a multi-jointed adjustable base that allows you to angle your device with ease.

Not only can you use this with your tablet, but also your smartphone if needed.

If you have a case on your tablet, you have no need to worry. This mount will accommodate for it.

More about Tablet Holders

What’s the purpose of using a tablet holder for mic stand?

Tablet technology is improving every day and more and more bands are choosing to utilize iPads and Android devices on stage.

Tablets can be utilized both for improving a live show and to be more hands on with controlling what the musician hears on stage.

Who should use a tablet mic stand mount?


In addition to remembering chords to certain songs, tablets are perfect if you need to remember song lyrics for singers.

For cover songs, this can be an essential component of your setup. Certain bands who have been around for twenty or thirty years can also benefit from a “teleprompter” on stage.

Musicians who read music

Another use for a tablet on stage is for reading music. The days of a traditional music stand and paper music potentially could be over.

You won’t find me utilizing my iPad this way. Reading percussion sheet music was never my favorite thing when I was learning. I much preferred creating my own music.

Depending on your situation, you might use a tablet to read chords while you play in a cover band. This is very useful if you have a large catalog of music to cover on a weekly basis.

iPads and Android tablets can also be great for setlists! Why waste paper when you can have your setlist pre-made before each show on your iPad?

Speakers and public figures

Using an iPad for public speaking is a great idea for those who want to stay organized and relaxed. Having a tablet display important points can make a speech all the better.

In fact, there are many apps designed to make speaking in public easier.

Drummers who control backing tracks

If you’re in a band and you use backing tracks, you can use a tablet to display your computer’s screen if it happens to be off stage. This will keep you on track and sure of which song you are playing.

Bands who use an in ear monitor system

In addition to backing tracks, musicians can use an iPad to control their in-ear mix if they are using a digital audio board. I recently wrote an article on how to setup an in ear monitor system.

Do you use a tablet holder for a mic stand on stage? What has been your experience? If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you! Thanks for reading.

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