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7 Best Yamaha Electronic Drum Sets (For Beginners & Pros)

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Yamaha makes some of the most popular electronic drum sets amongst drummers, from entry-level to professional. The brand has been a favorite manufacturer for years, excelling in every field, with its branch of drums being founded in 1967. 

Compared to other e-drum brands, Yamaha is the largest of them all and is notably one of the most respected. Loved for their high quality, durability, and reliability, they’ve always had a loyal following for decades, whether you’re looking for an acoustic or electric drum kit. 

If you are like many of us who live in an apartment, maybe you live with your parents or have roommates, it’s almost impossible to practice without disturbing anyone, so electric drum kits are the best way to go. Choosing one to invest in, however, can take time to decide. 

Yamaha has a solid reputation for their electronic kits, especially from their DTX series. Here is a list of the seven best Yamaha electric drum sets from that collection. 

Yamaha DTX 10K-XBF

Yamaha DTX10K-X

The best high-end e-kit for apartments

While certainly a powerhouse electronic drum set for live, the DTX-10K-XBF utilizes TCS pads which are far quieter than mesh drum heads, making it perfect for quiet practice.

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With a convincing aesthetic and feel of an acoustic drum kit, the DTX-10K XBF electric drum kit is one of the most impressive of the Yamaha DTX series. The functionality of this kit goes far beyond just being able to play inside at specific volumes. This mesh kit features customization options that no other kit has seen. 


  • Import limit: 1,000 files​​​​​​​
  • Includes Cubase AI
  • LED rotary faders
  • Hex Rack II drum rack system
  • Textured Cellular Silicone drum heads

The 10K-XBF provides drummers endless hours of creative play with their Kit Modifier. Their modifier offers hundreds of different sounds to customize for any style of player. In addition, this set is complete with an LED rotary fader that allows the drummer to control the attack of anything from the hi-hats to the kick. The fader even enables you to have options of different ambiances recorded in world-renowned studios. 

This drum kit comes uniquely with an app called Rec’n’ Share. This app allows drummers to share anything they record with family, friends, or any social media platform. In addition, it’s easy to link up to your kit wirelessly with the Bluetooth connection from any device. There is also a Live Set feature for live performance practice that allows players to keep their drum kits organized for their next performance. 

Considering comfortability, the XBF has an adjustable snare stand and a 3-zone cymbal design complete with zones for real-life outer rim tones. The snare and toms also come with a silicone mesh to provide an organic stick bounce and playability. In addition, the TCS heads feel like coated heads on an acoustic set. Finally, the cymbal stand was made with a two-stage height adjuster to sit right at the height needed and rotate legs to give different placement options, unlike most electronic kits. 

Yamaha DTX10K-MBF (Dream Kit)

Yamaha DTX10K-MBF Electronic Drum Set

5-piece Drum Set with Mesh Pads, Hi-Hat, 3 x Cymbals, and DTX-PROX Sound Module

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Another popular kit amongst the DTX10 series is the MBF kit. Just like other X10 family kits, the MBF kit provides an acoustic drum kit’s look, tone, and functionality. This allows the drummer to easily adapt when switching between the two, being built with the same rim finishes and birch shells. 


  • LED rotary faders to change various settings. 
  • Rack System RS10-HXR
  • USB terminal can send/input audio and MIDI data to smart devices or PC
  • Adjustable, lightweight, and single-braced snare stand similar to an acoustic snare

Reasons To Buy

The best feature about the MBF is that you can pick from a wide array of 70 kits that fit your playing style using the PROX Kit Modifier. In addition, it comes with faders for every cymbal, toms, snare, and kick so that you can control and customize the sound to your liking. 

With the built-in USB connection, you can save, transfer, and send any recorded track or practice session with other musicians. In addition, it holds a 1,000-sample capacity and can record and play audio tracks. 

The kit comes with a really convenient app called Rec’ n’ Share. This app lets you record your sessions with both audio and video—no more needing to sync your recorded audio in post. Rec ‘n Share is ideal for drummers wanting to build a following on Instagram or TikTok.

The heads of the snare, toms and kicks are made with 2-ply mesh pads made by Remo. These drumheads come equipped with not only strong durability but also noise reduction. Just like on an acoustic set, the mesh pads can be tuned to your liking, and the snare pad includes three sensors to provide a delicate snap back in response to any sticking. 

Yamaha DTX8K-XRW (Best Overall)

Yamaha DTX8K-XRW Electronic Drum Set

5-piece Drum Set with TCS Pads, Hi-Hat, 3 x Cymbals, and DTX-PRO Sound Module

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With 40 kits and 400 different voices, the DTX8-XRW allows you to have creative experiences with an electric drum set with the same energy as an acoustic kit. Similar to the DTX10 series, this kit comes with the look and feel of an acoustic kit keeping the idea of rehearsing and live performances in mind. 


  • 40 preset kits, 200 user kits
  • Dual-ply Mesh head from REMO
  • Interchangeable Hardware from Yamaha  
  • Kick tower with 7.5-inch pad providing enough room for a double bass if needed

Reasons To Buy

The Kit Modifier for the DTX8 has a 3-knob system which makes it different from the DTX10 models, which have multiple faders. These knobs include an ambiance dial, a compression dial, and an effect knob that provides a way to express several different acoustic sounds. There are over 700 voices in total to choose from. 

To ensure the proper functionality of an acoustic kit during rehearsal, the DTX8 was built as a hybrid. As a result, it not only features wooden birch shells but also has the same lugs and badges as an acoustic drum. 

The silicone head also provides a natural rebound response making it feel as though there is no need to adjust when you decide to play on an acoustic drum kit. 

If you are looking for a hybrid kit with all the bells and whistles but with less cost, the DTX8-XRW has almost all of the same features as the DTX10 series but at a lower price. 

Yamaha DTX6K3-X

Yamaha DTX6K3-X Electronic Drum Set

5-piece Electronic Drum Set with Silicone Pads, 4 x Cymbals, and DTX-PRO Sound Module

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For those who are okay with just the electronic drum experience and not in need of a hybrid, feel the DTX6K3-X. This kit is both beginner friendly and creative-friendly for those who are far more advanced.


  • Three-knob kit modifier featuring Ambience, Comp, and Effect
  • KP90 Kick Tower, with 7.5-inch pad
  • Trusted stability with an HS650A hi-hat stand
  • 40 Preset kits and 200 user kits

Reasons To Buy

The 6K3-X kit is durable and easy to use for any playing style. It comes with high-quality responsiveness in a compact structure. Drummers can get creative with just three knobs on the Kit Modifier, which includes different types of recorded ambiance, compression, and effects from various acoustic sounds to different sounds created by sound designers. 

Players can connect their practice sessions with the Rec’ n’ Share app making it easy to record and showcase for social media, friends, and family. In addition, players can expand their creative play as each pad can load up to four sounds and stack up to 2 effects. 

Yamaha’s reputation for quality hardware doesn’t disappoint with the 6K3-X. Their XP80 pads are designed to be soft and easy on the wrists, as they come with three different strike zones. 

The drum heads are designed with Textured Cellular Silicone to make the snare and toms feel like the real thing. Also included in the kit are 3-zone PCY135 crash and ride cymbals. 

These cymbals give a natural strike response whether you strike the edge, bowl, or bell. Complete with a KP90 kick tower, the 6K3-X allows you to train and play like a pro anytime. 

Yamaha DTX6K-X

Yamaha DTX6K-X Electronic Drum Set

5-piece Electronic Drum Set with Silicone/Rubber Pads, 3 Cymbals, and DTX-PRO Sound Module

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Complete with compact convenience, the DTX6K-X is perfect for drummers who want to focus on sharpening their skills and then take them to an acoustic kit. Not only is this kit easy to store, but it’s also easy on the pockets. In addition to the record function, there are many training tools available with this set to capture any sparks of creativity. 


  • 40 Preset kits, 200 user kits, 400 different sounds
  • PCY135 ride pad with three distinct strike zones
  • Includes Cubase AI for music production
  • Ambiance, Comp, and Effect modifiers included in the Kit Modifier 

Reasons To Buy

The 6k-X is a solid kit for anyone focused on training and getting their chops up. The DTX-PRO comes with a programmable metronome and 37 training songs to practice along with. These training songs help you stay in the pocket and groove with the ten onboard training functions. 

To keep track of your daily progress, you can even record yourself as you’re playing. In addition to practice, the 3-knob modifier allows you to control and customize different sounds and ambiances. 

Known for their high-quality hardware for acoustic kits, Yamaha transfers that same quality in reproducing how a drum responds on the 6K-X. In addition, the drum pads feature a sensor technology that is supposed to react accurately to the player’s actions. 

Yamaha’s hardware also comes with traditional ball clamps for the snare pad. The cymbals on this kit deliver a natural ability to choke after a crash and distinct edge, bowl, and bell zones to create a realistic experience. 

The RS502 rack system has steel popping sturdy enough to hold all of your pads and cymbals and the level of striking as you get lost in playing. It folds up easily for traveling or storage.

Yamaha DTX452K (Best on a Budget)

Yamaha’s excellent and well-known product quality usually comes with a steep price. While many would agree that the price is well worth it, some drummers need help to afford such costs, especially if they’re a beginner. Their DTX400 series is dedicated to having affordable electronic kits that anyone can enjoy. The 452K is both cost-essential and excellent for both beginners and experienced players.


  • Ten built in drum kits.
  • 400 sounds to choose from 
  • DTX 402 Touch App
  • FP6110 Belt-Drive Kick Pedal

Reasons To Buy

In addition to affordable prices, this drum kit is also suitable for beginner players or players working their way up to pro-level. The DTX has ten built-in training functions, such as Pad Gate, Rhythm Gate, and Recording. In addition, all games are designed to build chops. 

Players can easily record their sessions and do fun practice challenges, such as the Fast Blast mode on the DTX 402 Touch app, or they can link the module to any DAW for production purposes. Players can also utilize Yamaha’s Rec’ n’ Share app with the 452K. 

The DTX452K has a simple design that simplifies setup and breakdown, especially for travel. The rack is made of sturdy steel that’s lightweight and portable. The cymbal and drum pads consist of a standard but responsive rubber. This kit doesn’t come with aesthetic bells and whistles, but it has everything you need to focus on improvement. 

Yamaha DTX402K

Sticking to sets geared towards affordability, the DTX402 is another inexpensive drum kit designed for learning. The 402K is perfect for the young player or anyone living in apartments because it’s specifically designed to be quiet. Running at roughly $500, this kit comes with just five pieces but is just enough for an entry-level player. 


  • Free Apps (Rec’ n’ Share and DTX402)
  • Sturdy four-post rack
  • Chokeable crash cymbal
  • KU100 beater-less kick pedal
  • Immersive stereo drum samples

Reasons To Buy

Yamaha was sure to provide an interactive experience with the DTX420K because, although inexpensive, its module is packed with many functions to help train better. The module comes equipped with ten kits, songs, and training functions. 

They are all customizable, with over 280 percussion sounds to choose from. In addition, the training function includes fun challenges such as the Rhythm Gate and Fast Blast to help advance your skills. This kit’s module also includes Yamaha’s Rec’ n’ Share app to practice with. 

The 402K was designed with studio-quality drum pads that you can hear in your headphones. In addition, the drum and cymbal pads are made with responsive rubber for a more realistic feel. 

The beater-less kick pedals allow the players to play as loud as they want and as hard as they want without the sound of attack with a regular kick pedal. This simple design makes the kit easy to assemble with a rack made with four posts. With a simple take-down process and compact size, it’s easy to bring along and practice anywhere.


Yamaha is always a great option if you’re in the market for a new electronic drum set. But with so many different models available, it can take time to decide which is right for you. We hope this list has helped narrow down your choices and that you’ll now be able to choose confidently. 

So what kit are you thinking of getting? Let us know in the comments. And if Yamaha isn’t what you’re looking for, be sure to read our roundup of the best electronic drum sets with plenty of options from Roland, Pearl, and Alesis.

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