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Every Drummer Needs These Accessories in 2024

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Drummers have no shortage of toys and gadgets we use daily, whether it’s Moongel, drum keys, multi-clamps, or stick holders.

It can often be challenging to find innovative products that are useful and practical.

Today we’re looking at six drumming accessories that you need to check out. These aren’t going to be the standard drum accessories you’ll find in every music store, either.

1) Rhymblock and Rhymbell by Native Tongue Percussion

Rhymblock clipped to my snare drum, offering a unique-sounding rim click

Native Tongue Percussion makes incredible clip-on percussion for kit players and percussionists. Brent from the company reached out to me and sent over two of their offerings: the Rhymbell and Rhymblock.

I rarely use block or bell percussion instruments when I play, but I was intrigued. Both accessories easily clip to any of your drums and are adjustable to the perfect angle.

You can hit either one like a traditional block or bell, or you can use it on your snare drum like a rim-click.

Rhymblock is available in:

  • Maple
  • White Oak
  • Walnut
  • Hickory
  • Cherry
  • Zebrawood
  • African Rosewood

See all products Native Tongue offers at Sweetwater.

NT Percussion is currently developing a new product called the RhymStryker which brings the RhymBlock and Bell into the hand drumming world.

Rhymblock and Rhymbell

2) No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves

Whether you’re gigging out or just swapping cymbals to use at home, one of the most frustrating parts of changing a cymbal is dropping the wing nut.

The wingnut is the small piece of metal that spins on to your stand to keep the cymbal from falling off.

Not only is dropping it annoying, losing them is even more of a pain.

Losing or dropping wingnuts can be a significant issue for drummers touring and playing in clubs who have a limited amount of time to get off the stage and let the next band begin setting up.

But do we even need the wingnut?

No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves has answered our collective question.

They’ve designed a simple and cheap solution to the age-old problem.

The sleeves are extra long; you won’t have to worry about your cymbal flying off the stand.

Drummers like Ty Dennis, Rodney Pino, and Doug Klug endorse the cymbal sleeves proudly.

My one gripe with the product is the fact that the cymbal sleeves are little tall-looking. Nevertheless, this is a small setback that is trumped by losing my wingnuts.

Drummers who keep their cymbals at an extreme angle may not be suited to these, so keep that in mind.

More information – No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves

3) Cymgard

Cymgard isn’t the newest product on the list, but I felt it needed a mention.

The Cymgard is a product that does what its name implies: guard your cymbals.

Drummers who tend to play a heavier style of music know the woes of cracked cymbals. Cymgard acts as a protective shield that both protects the edge of a cymbal and dampens it.

You most likely won’t be using Cymgard at a live show, but it will help your cymbals last longer and keep them quiet during rehearsal.

Cymgard is made from elastic rubber (similar to a bike inner tube), allowing you to stretch it around your cymbal’s diameter. The material is strong and durable, being able to withstand all your shedding without risk to your cymbals.

The company sells sizes ranging from 6″ to 24″ cymbals.

The company sells both a “Standard” and “Lite” variant with the thickness being the main differentiator.

Drummers who travel with their own set of plates can benefit significantly from Cymgard. The elastic rubber also acts as protection while in transit.

There are similar products available that cut the decibel output of cymbals (like SoundOff from Evans or drum shields), but I believe the Cymgard cuts down on volume even more.

Acoustic drums, even with mutes, still are loud. If noise is a concern, an electronic drum set may be a better option you should consider.

For those interested, be sure to check out Cymgard’s website for more information.

4) Snareweight

One of my favorite new drumming accessories of recent years has to be Snareweight. The company makes several different products aimed at taming those pesky overtones drums all have.

Most of Snareweight’s products are either clipped on or magnetized to your drum’s counterhoop.

My favorite product from Snareweight is the #5: the flagship product sold by the company.

The difference between dampening with Moongel and Snareweight is massive: Snareweight adds additional mass to the drum head, allowing for taming of the lower-midrange frequencies that other dampeners cannot achieve.

Another product I’ve liked using from Snareweight is the M80. It’s much more affordable and, while not as effective at cutting lower-midrange frequencies, does perform similar to that of Moongel.

5) KickBlock

Kick Drum Anchor

KickBlock is a product I’ve mentioned before in our post on kick drum anchors. The concept is simple: stop your bass drum from sliding.

KickBlock is a relatively new company and the owner, Will, sent me one to try.

The product works great and does keep your bass drum still, that is if you have the correct type of rug.

I own an ornate rug, and this style does not work well with KickBlock, unfortunately.

If you have a regular type of drum rug, this should be a non-issue.

More information: KickBlock

6) TruTuner FX Series

I was initially turned on to the FX Series from TruTuner from a YouTube video from rdavidr.

The TruTuner FX Series is a set of attachments for both your drum sticks and kick drum beaters. You can easily add a tambourine or shaker sound texture to your sticks or beaters.

The product fits sticks sizing from 7A to 2B as well as any beater post.

TruTuner also sells a “Rapid Drum Head Replacement System,” which we have also included in our drum tuners roundup. The product loosens all tension rods on any given drum at the same time.

The product makes for quick head changes and fast tuning.

7) Bass Plate

The Bass Plate is an innovative product that tackles the issue of damaged bass drum counterhoops while using a kick drum pedal.

We all have clamped down too hard on our bass drum counterhoops and have seen the harm done. Bass Plate eliminates this problem by isolating the kick pedal from the bass drum itself.

Bass Plate is a metal adapter of sorts, that attaches to the kick drum via the lug screws. Once installed, you connect your kick drum to the Bass Plate allowing your kick to float free from the pedal.

Not only does the product save your bass drum from damage, but it also allows the sound to open up more, as the kick is isolated from the pedal.

More information: https://bass-plate.com/

So there we have it: six drum innovations you may want to consider.

Have we missed any new products you’ve used recently? We’d love to hear from you down below in the comments! Thanks for reading.

Nick Cesarz

Nick is a drummer, percussionist, and blogger from Milwaukee, WI. He toured extensively with Vinyl Theatre, opening up for acts like twenty one pilots, Panic! at the Disco, and more. Now no longer touring, his passion lies in gear and playing the kit as much as time allows.

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