1. Roland SPD-SX

Now your favorite drummer can add electronics to his or her playing style. Every drummer will be excited getting a gift as cool as this one.

2. Drum Dial

The Drum Dial is the perfect accessory for drummers of any skill level. This tool makes a drummer’s life much easier when it comes to tuning the drums and making them sing.

3. Subscription to Drumeo

A drummer always needs lessons. Drumeo is the best resource when it comes to online lessons. They frequently have top drummers on the program and offer amazing insight to their playing and styles.

4. Pearl Throne Thumper

Give your drummer a kick in the rear with the Thumper. This thing really kicks when you play.

5. Isolation Headphones

One of the tough things about playing drums is hearing. With a set of isolation headphones, your favorite drummer will save their hearing and can play to their favorite songs easily.

6. Snareweight

This little accessory is perfect for the holidays. Drummers are always using things like tape, wallets, or Moongel to dampen drums. The Snareweight is in a different category and is the new standard when it comes to dampening drums.

7. Dr. Beat

Every drummer needs to keep good time. The Dr. Beat is a great addition to a drummer’s toolkit when it comes to practicing and keeping a steady beat. Dr. Beat is an important tool for timekeeping and education.

8. Drumlite

Nothing more needs to be said. This is awesome.

9. GoPro Hero5

Get your favorite drummer a GoPro so they can become a YouTube drumming sensation! A solid camera is a great way for a drummer to record themselves playing and seeing how they can improve.

10. Drum Microphone Package

In addition to the camera, a drum mic package is perfect for drummers looking to showcase themselves on the internet. This will allow your favorite drummer to learn more about recording and create content for the world.

Posted by Mike Williams

Mike Williams is an accomplished studio/touring drummer and percussionist who has played with many national bands. In addition, he is also a record producer and mix engineer.

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