15 Best Gift Ideas For Drummers – Find The Best Present For Your Drum Lover

Gifts For Drummers

Whether its the holiday season or you have a drummer friend with a birthday coming up, finding a gift can be difficult, especially if you’re not a drummer.

Drummers are some of the toughest to please, so picking out a gift that they will actually enjoy can be a tough task.

The good news is that there are plenty of awesome gifts to give that the drummer in your life will love.

If you decide to go all in with a big gift for your favorite drummer, check out our resources on buying an acoustic drum set, electronic drum set or a drum machine (I’d be beyond ecstatic if a friend or loved one got me a new kit)

Gifts for drummers under $25

This section is perfect for your close drummer friends or acquaintances. The choices we’ve made in this section are both affordable and useful.

Big Fat Snare Drum

Big Fat Snare Drum Dampener

There’s one thing that all drummers want and love: great sounding drums. And that’s exactly what they will get when using the Big Fat Snare Drum.

Essentially, it is a large plastic dampening ring that covers the snare drum head, giving any snare drum a fat and punchy tone.

Best Presents For Drummers
Big Fat Snare Drum

If you know that your drummer friend plays alternative or indie music, they will love getting this gift from you.

For size, you may have to get creative and pry when asking how big the snare drum they use is, but the majority of snare drums are 14″ in diameter.

Snareweight M80

Snareweight M80

Similar to the Big Fat Snare Drum we just looked at, the Snareweight M80 provides a similar solution, though this dampener isn’t as intense.

The Snareweight M80 just dampens the drum a little bit, eliminating nasty overtones that many snare drums are prone to.

I personally find that the M80 is more useful than the Big Fat Snare Drum, just because it doesn’t totally change the tone of the drum.

If I have my snare drum sounding great and just need to dampen it a little, the M80 is a good go to.

Alternative Idea: Moongel is always a huge hit with drummers, and it’s very affordable!

Promark S22 Sizzler

Promark S22 Sizzler

Drummers are all about experimentation with their sounds. Sizzle cymbals are very popular and they sound so unique and cool.

But what if your favorite drummer doesn’t have a sizzle cymbal? They’re expensive! That’s where the S22 comes in.

Pro Mark makes an affordable product to make any cymbal have that awesome sizzle effect. Your favorite drummer will love this gift.

Vic Firth Stick Caddy

Vic Firth Stick Caddy

One of the most terrifying things that can happen to a drummer in a live setting is dropping a stick mid-song and fumbling around trying to grab it off the floor.

That’s what makes the Vic Firth Stick Caddy such an attractive gift for all drummers.

Having access to extra sticks is essential to all drummers. Whether a drummer breaks a stick or drops one, a stick caddy is a great gift and the drummer in your life will love it.

It’s not a glamorous gift, but one that will absolutely be utilized in every drummers’ setup.

If Vic Firth’s option doesn’t seem right, be sure to check out three other great options in our post on drum stick holders.

Clamp-On Mic Stand Cup Holder

On-Stage Clamp-on Mic Stand Cup Holder

Playing drums is not only tiring, it’s a workout, especially when playing on a warm stage. Lighting rigs can output a lot of heat, so can lots of people in a small club.

Staying hydrated is extremely important during a live show and chances are, your drummer friend could use a spot for their water on stage.

If you’re dehydrated while playing it can lead to leg cramping, headaches, or even passing out in a worst-case scenario.

It’s not the most exciting gift of all time, but it will alleviate the annoyance of bending down to the stage to grab a drink of water.

The cup holder from On Stage easily clamps to any drum hardware or microphone stand.

Zildjian Drummer’s Towel

Zildjian Drummer's Towel

As a drummer, going on stage without a towel is gigantic mistake. Unless you’re playing light jazz in a wine bar, chances are your drummer friend will be working up a big sweat playing on stage.

Drumming can be an intense activity. The Zildjian drummer’s towel is a great gift for any drummer, especially if they use Zildjian cymbals.

Street Beat Drumsticks for iPad and Android Tablets

Street Beat Drumsticks

While not the most practical gift out there, Street Beat drumsticks are perfect for young drummers who love their apps.

The drum sticks are designed to be used with an iPad or other tablet to literally play drum apps with these sticks, instead of using fingers.

They are specially made to not wreck the screens with the special removable rubber tips.

Apps like Garage Band, Drum Pad, Drums Deluxe and more can now be played with sticks.

Myself personally, I don’t think I would use these, but they are a pretty cool gift.

ROSS Percussion Drummer’s Survival Kit

Ross Drummer's Survival Kit

I need this gift like yesterday! In all seriousness, drummers need backup parts.

There’s nothing worse than being at a gig and having an emergency with a piece of gear. Begging to another drummer to give you a replacement part is no fun.

The ROSS Percussion Drummer Survival Kit has all the essentials for any situation. Whether it’s missing cymbal felts, broken cymbal stand plastic sleeves, a broken snare strainer string, this kit’s got your favorite drummer covered.

Drumstick Pencils

This one is a fun little gift for any drummer: pencils shaped like drum sticks.

Young students will love showing off their unique pencils in class at school, though they may get taken away if they decide to play drums at their desk too much.

They are in fact No. 2 pencils, so your drummer student should be able to take all their tests with these.

Da Vinci Drummer’s Tee

Da Vinci Drummer Tee

There’s a lot of T-shirts targeted at drummers available, but most of them aren’t very cool.

I found out of all the shirts available online, the Da Vinci drummer’s tee has to be one of the coolest designs available.

Your favorite drummer will be able to showcase their sense of intellect as well as their passion for drumming and music.

Zildjian 10″ K Con Cutting Board

Zildjian Cutting Board

This gift is for drummers who love to cook. It’s a Zildjian brand cutting board.

Zildjian is one of the largest cymbal companies on the market makes this gift resonate with almost every drummer.

I can tell you from experience that vendor-branded merchandise is a great gift. I love all the vendor merch I’ve gotten as gifts over the years.

Gifts for drummers under $50

So the drummer in your life is a little more special, eh? Maybe a best friend or close pal? Here’s all the best gifts we could find under $50.

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs

Eargasm Earplugs

This gift is for music lovers in general, not just drummers. They are in earplugs, that are great at noise canceling.

Perfect for concert goers, gigging musicians, and also every drummer. Ear health is often overlooked.

Gifts for drummers under $200

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones


This product is the perfect gift for drummers, DJs, and music lovers. They are an amazing pair of headphones.

I can tell you from personal experience that no other headphones I’ve ever owned have gotten as much use as the M50x.

While not exactly “noise-canceling,” as a drummer I don’t exactly use these to practice with, but I absolutely love these headphones for listening to music.

Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Phantom Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker

Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Wireless Mobile BLuetooth Speaker

Perfect for that special someone in your life, or just anyone to be honest. A bluetooth speaker! This brand is amazing and it’s super powerful for its size.

I also have one of these speakers, and I love it! I take it everywhere as it’s waterproof and shockproof.

If you are shopping for a drum lover, I would recommend this speaker. It’s extremely durable and will last for a long while. I use mine at the beach all the time, it’s super loud.

Pelican U100 Elite Backpack With Laptop Storage

Pelican U100

This gift is a great option for music lovers, and people working as drummers. It’s a very durable backpack, road tested by traveling musicians.

It is known for its’ extreme durability. It holds up to a 17-inch laptop, with padding! Almost no laptops are more than 17 inches, making this available to hold any laptop.

This gift is perfect for anyone who works with technological equipment.

Most drummers these days have a mixture of equipment, traveling it tough. With this backpack, you make that easier, by putting everything in one location, right on their back.

Remember that gift giving is more about the thought. Don’t stress too much, have fun with it! And if in doubt, get a gift card to your local music shop.

Like I mentioned earlier, you could always go with a cheap drum set if your friend or family member has shown interest in playing the drums!

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